We’re still here!

COVID-19 update: We’re still here! For now.

We’re open for Phase 2! Check out the Phase 2 info lower on this page for more information. Keep in mind we’re still at a hard cap of 6 people per table.

With community support we might just make it through this dark time. Doing Take out and Delivery check out our menu.

Check out the AFK Tavern online menu ordering system! Click the button and you can find out about our delivery area (by clicking the i button) or checking out our food and drink options. You can pay via Credit card, google pay, apple pay, or paypal! This is our primary ordering system as of the COVID-19 changes.

If you’re looking for direct ways to help check out this link.




AFK Phase 2 Services

Covid has messed everything up hasn’t it? We’re not the same place you remember. We’re doing what is required to stay open. Keep in mind due to New Phase 2 rules we now must stop service at 11pm 🙁 you should check out the FAQ we have before coming in.

Bar side service

Our normal high table seating is open for business. It has a reduced capacity and no real areas for standing room right now. But it’s the classic AFK bar. All service is up at the right side of the counter and drink pick up has been moved to the left side. Full food menu is available as well. You can still use the online system for ordering while in the bar if you don’t want to stand at the counter side. Just note your name & that you’re in the bar under take out and we’ll get you set up. We even have a new bar door on the north side of AFK! Just for the bar. 

Deck seating

Our smoking deck is open! Service works the same as it has for the last ~9.5 years with the deck. You come inside and order the counter side. Deck seating is 4 groups of 5 people. Please do not clump on the right side of the deck. We’ve also installed 3 sun/rain shades over 4 of the zones

Contactless Isolation Pods

These are most of our tables because of our layout this ended up working to make the most of our space. You can have sit down experience with your friends, play games, and enjoy things at your own pace. Food & drink is dropped off on a nearby bar area where you leave your pod to pick it up. You can call and get a Pod assigned to you, and then order ahead so all your food and drinks are waiting in your Pod for you upon arrival!

Takeout and curbside

We’re still offering take out and curbside if you don’t feel comfortable in a building. No judgement. This still works for booze and beer!


Our delivery is run with our own staff. Everything on our normal menu is available. If you’re outside of our zone you can select out side of area and if we’re not busy we still might be able to get to you!

We have to-go drinks!

No mask = No service.