• October 1, 2022
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This week we have done something quite new. We’ve modified our somewhat famous and insanely popular Firebat Pasta! We’ve made 3 specials mixes and we intent to make more over the next few weeks that can change up your Firebat experience and make it more personalized and special.

The Flavors

  • Anti-Vampire Garlic & Parm – Has Day drinking converted you back into a mortal and now you must ward off your once friends? Don’t worry this Firebatmix has you covered! Add some garlic punch to your pasta life!
  • Killer Tomato – Do you look at the Firebat pasta and go “this, needs to be a bit more sweet and tomatoie” then by the Void you’ve found your mix! Like a 80s mix tape the Tomato is a safe and nostalgic option.
  • Future Ranch Coolness – Listen up Ranch Heads, Ranch-fanatics, and Ranch-garbage-monsters! We’ve made you a magic mix from our house made proto-ranch-molecule we’ve made a cool AF Ranch version of Firebat. Get ready to also order a can of Mt. Dew and become a D.Va main.
  • Buffalo Bat – Filled with the magic that Dave’s Red hot brings to anything. Crank up that wonderful buff ALO flavah with this version of the Firebat! OMG!
  • Basil Lemon Justice – Coming soon
  • 2015 Hipster Sriracha – Coming soon


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