• June 30, 2022
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The AFK Afterlife Program

Oh hello there. Have you come to the post for some hope? Come with me for some adventure!

What is the AFK Afterlife Program? Simple, it’s a way for us to keep community events alive to keep the spirit of AFK intact and to get to see all of you wonderful people again. The AFK Afterlife is a set of meetups, events, and online content that will keep the flame of AFK going beyond the walls of the Tavern. 

So if that seems cool, read on friend!

Online Theme Menus

I’ll be putting together some online theme menu that you can make at home! Our hope is to bring some of the fun that we had on Saturdays at the Tavern to you. 

AFK Drink Book

Have you always wanted to know how to make some of the drinks (and food) from AFK? Well wait no longer join the AFK Drink Book Patreon and come with me on a wild adventure into the backstories, thoughts, and drinks of the AFK menus as I make a living drink book about the Tavern.  Become a Patron!

Real Life Events

Well, due to Covid we’re not sure when we’ll be doing these. But there are some plans to do a couple Karaoke events in 2021 if everything lets up any. We’ll be looking more into this after the new year. But our hope is to create quite a few events. 

Online Community

Have you joined our Discord yet? Keep up with everyone on the Discord.

Online Content

Well here at AFKTavern.com you can expect some B+ content while we work on all of these other things. I’m hoping we’ll push it to A- thought out the year as I will have much more time to work on it. Things like streams, videos, drinks, and possibly nerd news.

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