• September 26, 2022
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Welcome to a new month and a new series? section? category of post? Anyway it’s called the From the Archive: The Lost Drinks! Where I go into some of the short-lived marvels of AFK. I’m in the process of cleaning up the actual physical archive here at home. It’s huge. Beyond the digital, we have every theme menu, print menu, and almost every recipe page ever made at the Tavern. I’m enjoying looking through these so much I thought you all might want to learn about some of them. So let’s explore one of the shortest-lived drinks at AFK! Thanks so much to the humans at my Patreon for making this AFK Afterlife content available.

The Great Maker

On the Pre-Open November 3 drink menu, the last drink on the back page of the menu was a small nod to one of my favorite TV shows: Babylon 5. I thought of making a drink from Makers Mark to reference the “Great Maker.” Sadly, due to the cocktail’s complexity and our business level for the first month, it wouldn’t grace the menu for more than a week. I would replace it with a drink called “The Highlander” that was close, but not the same.
The Great Maker (Pint Glass w/ ice)
  • Two lemon wedges
  • Two lime wedges
  • 4-8 mint leaves
  • 1.5 oz Makers Mark
  • Sugar (1 to .5 oz)
  • Soda Water Fill
Start by adding the lemons, limes, and sugar into a shaker or pint glass. If you don’t feel comfortable adding the sugar before muddling, you can add it after. Muddle them fully till all the juice is out of the fruit. Add the 1.5 oz makers Mark. Fill your glass with ice, then shake with a shaker. Pour the contents into a Pint glass (you can use the same one.) Fill with soda, and give it a small stir. Enjoy!
You may at first see the Limes and mint and think Mojito! But With the lemons, mint, and whiskey, it’s also related to a Smash. However, Lemons and Limes make sours, so we could call this a fizzy mint whiskey sour if we wanted to. Anyway you label it, it’s a fantastic drink for a warm day, or if you’re like me on a cold night.

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