• October 1, 2022
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Tristån and I locked up the Tavern at 4 pm on November 30th for our last time. It was a sad moment shared between two people who had worked so hard to make AFK the place it was. We said our goodbyes, and I sat in the parking lot to watch my last sunset as a bar owner.It was bittersweet; we accomplished so much in our ten-year run. AFK exceeded all of my expectations and ended up something I couldn’t have imagined when I started.

There aren’t many words left to say. I have said most of them, screamed them, and cried them. Still, I know our choice to end the lease at its 10-year mark was the right call. It doesn’t make it hurt any less. I know that so many of us will be left without a safe place to be now. Closing was the smart choice, but that doesn’t mean it came easy.

If you’d like to see my record of the closing, you can click here. There are a few missing images right now, but it’s close to being finished.

The Killing of AFK Tavern 

The Tavern is gone. What does it mean for the future? I said that we’d make a return one day. So when is that? What does return mean? Well, that’s complex. We have debt from the first shutdown. It is our major hurdle that we plan to work on in the next year. This debt was one of the factors that went into the closing. We knew we could handle what we had but not much more. I have a page dedicated to things that help us with that if you’d click this. The other limitations of opening again are all things we’ve done before, and we have a good measure of confidence that it will happen again once we wrap up the debt.

As for now? I’m sorting things, getting ready to put stuff up on Ebay. The beautiful people at my Patreon will help me keep the website updated with fun drink & food recipes. And we’ll be working on our other ideas like pop-ups, commercially available food products, and room parties as restrictions allow.

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One thought on “We’re closed, thoughts”
  1. Though I haven’t been in for a while, and my visits weren’t as frequent as I would have liked, I will miss AFK. I was there from a few days after the opening, shouting my praises to family and friends alike, at every opportunity. I understand that closing the doors permanently wasn’t an easy decision. Know that you were a beacon to all people, no matter the gender, the preference, or the genre/niche. You and your staff are true heroes.

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