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Movie Review: Boss Level


Mar 30, 2021
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The pantheon of great time loop movies has a new member, Boss Level. Released on Hulu this film stars Frank Grillo as Roy Pulver a former Delta Force stuck in a time loop. He wakes up each time after a drunken one-night stand to a machete-wielding killer who forms the first of a pack of eccentric assassins set on killing him. Without any idea of why he is a target of such deadly attention or how he got stuck in a time loop, Roy endeavors to make it further each time.

As he is stuck in a loop, Roy only talks to you as he describes the situation and makes plans. This narration and exposition device is charming as Frank Grillo charms you with his banter. Supporting this performance is a powerful cast of supporting characters. Naomi Watts plays Roy’s estranged wife, Jemma Wells, whose employer Clive Ventor played by Mel Gibson provides the antagonist. Will Sasso and Ken Jeong deliver as comedic fodder. Michelle Yeoh was criminally underutilized but I do think that may have been to serve the pacing. Despite the zany action and over-the-top violence, the cast provides believable performances without venturing into scenery crewing that would distract from the film. Additionally, this film contains an emotional subplot featuring his son, which really lands as well.

This movie is shot well and paced perfectly. I watched it for a second time immediately after finishing it and it kept the fun I found the first time. You can tell that this film was well crafted. With a budget of only 45 million, the film did not look as cheap as that budget would indicate. Filmed in Atlanta the city background was fresh and provided a great background to the action. Embracing the attitude of the film, the music used in the film fits perfectly.  If you are looking for a great action-comedy to watch, this is it. This film is unrated but seems like a PG-13 fair with a bit more blood than that rating would indicate.

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