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Game Review: The Expanse RPG


Mar 22, 2021
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The Expanse RPG

  • The Expanse Roleplaying Game (PDF) – $26.95
  • Green Ronin Publishing


Released in March 2019, Green Ronin’s Expanse RPG is great way to capture a bit that world between books or seasons of the show. This RPG is built on the FSFFF’s modern age system which allows of to play games that are set in contemporary and futuristic settings.

This game allows the game master to set a campaign in the vibrant setting of the expanse.  You can do a campaign as a off brand Rosinante, chasing pirates in the belt. Or an Earth criminal syndicate in the bowls of Baltimore. The real limit is how versed your party is in the lore of the Expanse. If your party is several books/seasons behind the game can be very spoiler laden.

My experience with this game was in a campaign which had me playing former Martian Navy Engineer, Ron Mexico, who was kicked out of the Navy for a crime he claimed he did not commit. Mr. Mexico turned to crime in the Belt to get by. He joined up with a rich wanna-be space-gunslinger Earther and his crew of Martians to fly a former freighter, The Fat Chance. The campaign took us around the solar system, where we brushed with the plot of the Expanse. In fact when we got to Ceres, our captain talked with Josephus Miller while he was looking for clues on the disappearance of Juile Mao.

While the system is otherwise great it does have its problems. Throughout our campaign it was difficult to integrate the events of our story with that of the novel/show. This can be ignored if you ignore the narrative story from the source material. Or support from the game designers with a timeline that you could keep you game in sync with. Additionally, the logistics of travel are could us some further refinement. I found in my own research that relative positions of the outer planets change little over the time of the game, while the belt and inner planets whirl around the sun. The travel time for the game are offered via a chart in the support books using average travel times at specific accelerations. A more accurate times could be generated via a website using calculations based on acceleration, date, and start and stop locations. It might be a bit nitpicky but I often took my fancy calculator to games to figure out our flight times, and those estimates were often quite wild.

I wholeheartedly recommend this RPG for gamers all strips. The world of the Expanse is great backdrop for adventures and will provide a great break from dungeon crawling in fantasy settings.

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