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Need a Flux Capacitor?


Mar 16, 2021 ,
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Have a 1982 DMC DeLorean missing a critical part? no worries! O’Reilly Auto Parts has you covered, kindof. If you go to https://www.oreillyauto.com/ and look up 121g you will find the star of Back to the Future, the Flux Capacitor. While it says this item is not available for purchase, I did not take no as an answer and consulted the website’s Chat Assistant. Once I listed the make and model of my car or truck, a DMC Delorian 1982, an agent came online to inform me “Doc Brown says the 121G Flux Capacitor is fictional, non- functional and is only displayed for entertainment purposes and will remain unavailable for purchase in the past, present or future.” That’s too bad I would buy one these bad boys for entertainment purposes too with or without the the DeLorean.

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