• September 26, 2022

My COVID-19 Vaccine Journey

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Through an arduous journey, I got the COVID 19 vaccine. After 12 months of being scared during this pandemic, the hope of vaccination brought some relief. Four weeks ago, COVID vaccinations started with frontline workers and essential personnel. Great! I thought they all need it more than I do and I was elated to learn that they were rolling them out to the general public sooner than expected. I was under the impression that I had to wait for the go-ahead from my doctor, and was surprised to find out that I did not have to wait.

Now the hard part was finding an available appointment. I looked and searched every day for two weeks solid, to no avail, I just had to keep looking and waiting. I was calling various pharmacies and got on three different waitlists. On April 6th, I searched again. I struck gold and found a site, Angel of the Winds Arena with open appointments! I made one quickly for me and one for my covid compeer. We set out on the late morning of April the 7th and arrived very quickly at The Angel of the Winds Arena.

Our appointments were an hour apart, but that didn’t matter to them. They said as long as you show up on the right day, it didn’t matter what time you were there. Lucky us! Going into the front door of this huge building that hosts sports activities and high school graduations was a bit unsettling to me. This is not where I ever imagined getting a shot. They ushered us in and directed us to 3 different tables where we had to check-in at each one. The lines on the floor to keep you in your lane and the x’s to keep you apart were carefully taped, all of the people at these check-ins were behind plastic. It was so strange to be near people but separated. Then they shuffle us into a ballroom with folding tables set up, and the technicians ready to inoculate you await sitting in folding chairs and all of the doses set out across the plastic plane of the table.

Band-aids and alcohol pads laid out beside all of these syringes, seemed out of place here. This place is for dancing and work conferences, and certainly not a medical office. I was apprehensive about this impromptu medical facility. The woman who administered our doses was sweet and cheerful. She was professional and chatty, she answered all of the questions we had and was well informed about side effects and how long it would be before the shot took effect. It put my nerves at ease knowing that she knew all of that. She gave us our shots and bacon slice band-aids, then off we went to another large room.

This huge ballroom had folding chairs all placed 6 feet apart; we were then told that we had to wait for 15 minutes to observe us for any possible reactions. In total, we were probably in the building for 27 minutes. It is a huge relief knowing that I’m vaccinated, and I strongly encourage you to do it.


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