• September 26, 2022
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This week’s theme menu is an homage to more adult cartoons. We could all use a bit of play and some drinks to go with it. This list is spotlighting some of the big animations of the past few years and presently enjoyed cartoons.

Harley Quinn, the DC Universe. Hyper-violent, hyper-vulgar, and hyper-funny series. This cartoon gives us insight into who the actual Harley Quinn is. It shows us her relationships with her family, The Joker, and Poison Ivy. This series highlights the struggle to leave, the struggle to find belonging, and the great things that come with discovering who you are.


  • In a tall glass with ice
  • 1 oz Kinky Green
  • ½ oz Melon liqueur
  • Fill Pineapple juice

This drink represents Harley and Ivy coming together. The green fruit and the blonde juice make a refreshing combination and compliment each other perfectly. Just like Harley and Ivy. This relationship is my favorite part of the series.

My next pick is Archer. This series is hilarious and not at all lacking in wit, Archer’s history is distinguished by continual reinvention, evolving from the standard setup of a workplace sitcom mocking spy film to an anthology with self-contained mythologies. Archer’s mother is an emotionally distant woman who believes that negative reinforcement is the best parenting method. Malory Archer is rarely seen without a drink in her hand. (We’ll miss you Jessica Walter)

Sterling’s Baby Bottle

  • Bucket glass with half ice
  • 2 oz Cherry Bourbon
  • Fill with Cherry hard seltzer

I feel like this would have been something Malory would have used to put Sterling to sleep like a baby. Her views on parenting and strategies are not what you would call orthodox, or safe for that matter. Maybe this is how Archer would have acquired his love of bourbon.

Next up is Disenchantment. This was brought to us by the same great mind behind The Simpsons. Set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, the series follows the story of Bean, a rebellious and alcoholic princess, her naive elf companion Elfo, and her destructive “personal demon” Luci. This drink hit me when she kissed Mora the mermaid!

Moras Lips

  • In a large wine globe with half ice
  • ½ oz blue curacao
  • ½ oz pineapple vodka
  • ½ oz melon liqueur
  • Fill Sprite

This drink reminds me of the ocean and the blue hue of Mora’s hair. The light refreshing taste is a call to the underwater world where she lives, and Bean’s assumption that it was all a dream. With tropical flavors and sea spray colors, it will make you want to find the necklace on the beach.

Who could forget Rick and Morty? This show is described as “a never-ending fart joke wrapped around a studied look into nihilism.” The misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith, who split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures, are the main story here. Morty is often put into situations that cause him to fear for his and Rick’s safety.

Rick Potion #9

  • In a rocks glass no ice
  • 1 oz Jagermeister
  • 1 oz Peach Schnapps
  • ¼ oz cranberry juice
  • Shake with ice and strain into a glass

The love potion that was supposed to make Jessica, a redhead teenage girl at his school, fall in love with him. Morty gives Jessica (who has the flu) the serum, it latches onto the flu virus and goes airborne, causing every person not directly related to Morty to fall in love with him. In an attempt to counteract the original serum, Rick makes an antidote from mantis DNA, but the serum fails, it makes the world’s population mutate into monstrous mantis-people, all of whom want to eat Morty after mating with him.

I know how much we all love bad puns, so the next one is all about a punny chalkboard in a burger place. Bobs Burgers has become one of my favorite series. Those kids’ schemes and Bob’s love for what he does, with Linda’s never-ending support, is a recipe for laughs. The board behind the counter has a new special burger every day, eluding to what comes on the said burger. In the episode, Nice-Capades, the burger of the day is The Pear Tree Burger (with sliced pears – partridge not included)

The Pear Tree cocktail

  • In a martini glass
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz prickly pear syrup
  • Splash Orange Juice
  • Shake with ice, strain into glass
  • Garnish with a lime twist

This one is for Linda. She’s the matriarch and the fun-loving cocktail drinker, especially for the holidays. This one is guaranteed to make you feel fancy. Linda loves dressing up and trying to get Bob involved in fun and festive activities, this drink might get that going in her favor.

There are currently 24 seasons of South Park. This show has become more than just a stupid comedy. They have continually hit on some hot political, environmental, and social topics and rarely miss the mark. This series proves that we all need to laugh and make fun of ourselves sometimes. Don’t take things too seriously, the animation is crude and hasn’t changed since the inception. A one-hour special episode, titled “South ParQ Vaccination Special” premiered on March 10, 2021. This was the series 309th episode and touched on some very hot topics. This drink is named for it.


  • Shot Glass
  • ¾ way full vodka
  • Splash triple sec
  • Splash lemon juice

This is a throwback to Granny’s cure-all. Much like the vaccine for COVID, you might just need two of them. Make it special and suck on a cough drop before drinking. It’s the medicine that we all need now.


Do we all remember how awkward middle school was? Learning how to navigate relationships with other kids our age, discovering new and different things about ourselves. This show is a solid representation of the real-life struggles of adolescence. As painful as it seems to relive it, through the entertainment of Big Mouth we can laugh about how spot-on it is. It’s like we all had our own Maurice and or Connie, just getting us in trouble and confusing us even further.

Hormone Monster

  • In a plastic beer cup with a straw
  • 2 oz pisco
  • ¼ oz Cherry Heering
  • ½ oz cream of coconut
  • ¾ oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 pinch of cotton candy
  • Shake with ice strain into glass

This drink is from the first season when 3 of the main characters get drunk and sick on the stuff. It does make other appearances in the series, this one is by far the funniest, though. This show is just as full of terrible ideas as it is straight-up sex references. It presents what we all went through at that age and gives you terrible advice about puberty and its struggles.

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