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Debris: NBC’s newest Sci-Fi show.


Apr 6, 2021
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NBC’s new sci-fi show Debris has made its debut on television. Created by a writer and co-showrunner from the FOX sci-fi show Fringe. This series follows two operatives one from the CIA and the other from MI6 as they investigate the wreckage from a destroyed alien spaceship. As the two agents move from debris site to debris site the overall mystery is not revealed. This lack of progress in the central mystery is frustrating.

This show has slick production values and does not rely on any of the gimmicks that plagued JJ Abrams’ Fringe and other projects. The show seems real without the inclusion of technologies that are not available that can plague shows of this type. The effects of the alien debris are done in such a way that they seem as realistic as these objects that have mysterious otherworldly effects. The cast of this show gives great performances despite the lack of overall character development. It will be interesting to see how the story progresses as the series progresses.

While the production may look slick it still suffers from some of the effects of productions filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The debris sites are too often found in the farms that fill the Fraser Valley, and when you know what you are looking for it can be readily apparent. Noticeably the show avoids the cliché over-reliance on northwest forests in the show. Additionally, the angles of the shots of the city avoid the obvious Vancouver buildings.

Overall the show is missing the heart and charm to keep my interest. This show is currently on episode 6 of 13 and has yet to truly hook me with anything. One character’s father may or may not be dead, and have something to do with a group of non-national operators that are collecting debris. The British and American intelligence agencies despite their alliance in the debris matter are not trusting each other. None of these threads are engaging my desire to continue watching the show, and that is a pity for a show so well crafted.

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