• June 29, 2022
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Star Trek Enterprise is a series that was set before every other iteration of Star Trek, this show is the only series whose continuity was proofed against the different timelines. This show continued the multi-episode story arcs that were successfully implemented by Star Trek DS9. It was the first series to be filmed in high definition and widescreen format. Here we have put together a list of the 10 best episodes from this four-season series.

10. Borderland / Cold Station 12 / The Augments

Arik Soong, played by Brent Spiner as the ancestor of the creator of the android Data, stole Augment embryos to continue his research into genetically engineering humans. He is recruited by Captain Archer to track down his Augments that intend on starting a war between Humans and the Klingons. These Augments would eventually lead to the attempt to create Klingon Augment, which leads to the creation of Human-looking Klingons.

9. Babel One/United/The Aenar

These episodes form the crux of the founding of the Federation as the four founders must overcome their differences and unite again the looming Romulan Threat. A drone ship wreaks havoc on the ships of the quartet in a futile attempt to sow discord. This effort fails through the efforts of the crew to uncover the truth.

8. The Forge/Awakening/Kir’Shara

Forming a redemptive arc for the Vulcans, these episodes begin the change of the Vulcan from their militarist form to the Vulcans that we know from the rest of Star Trek. The true teachings of Surak are embraced, High Command is disbanded, and the Vulcan Reformation occurs.

7. Azati Prime

Captain Archer engages in a suicide mission to destroy the Xindi weapon before it is launched at Earth. Once he is captured he tries to plead that humanity is no threat to them. Also featured in this episode, is a quick trip to the 26th century to the Battle of Procyon V aboard the USS Enterprise – J.

6. Similitude

Repairing damage to the warp core, Commander Tucker saves the ship but is terminally ill as a result. On an important mission and needing the chief engineer back, Captain Archer acquiesces to the creation of a clone of Commander Tucker to harvest to save the life of his crewmate. After spending time with the clone, Captain Archer is left to make the life and death decision to keep his ship on the mission.

5. Broken Bow Part 1 and 2

This debut episode starts with a Klingon getting gunned down in a cornfield. The show gives the introduction to the crew and ship. As well it introduces the Suliban, who will be important to the Temporal Cold War arc in the show. A well-crafted not pedestrian plot, that paints the way for the rest of the series.

4. Regeneration

Tying up the loose ends from the movie Star Trek: First Contact, Borg drones from the Sphere destroyed by the USS Enterprise – E were found on the ice in Antarctica. Playing homage to the John Carpenter film The Thing, once thawed out the Borg go back to assimilating and trying to contact the collective.

3. In a Mirror, Darkly Part 1 and 2

This episode set entirely in the Terran Empire universe has the crew of the ISS Enterprise attempting to obtain a ship from the future, a Constitution-class USS Defiant from the Tholians. A fully digital Tholian is shown being tortured by the crew of the Enterprise to obtain information on the location of the ship. Also in this episode is an alternative Human – Vulcan first contact with the Zefram Cochrane shooting the first Vulcan he sees.

2. Carbon Creek

First Officer T’Pol over dinner relates the story of the official first contact between the Vulcans and Humans. Much to the chagrin of Captain Archer, and Commander Tucker, who relate the office story, T’Pol tells a tale of her Grandmother spending time in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania in the 1950s. A great fish out of water period piece with Jolene Blalock playing T’Pol’s grandmother.

1. The Andorian Incident

This episode introduces Commander Shran of the Imperial Guard of Andoria, played by Star Trek DS9 alum Jeffrey Combs, a favorite of the series. Taking place on the Vulcan monastery of P’Jem, located near the Andorian border, a group of Andorian commandos takes Archer, T’Pol, and Tucker hostage as they accuse the Vulcans of using the monastery to spy on the Andorians. This episode starts the process of showing the Vulcans as less than honest, and sometimes antagonistic in their diplomatic efforts.

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