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Invincible Episode 1 Recap


Apr 11, 2021 ,
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From the creator of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman is an adult animated series on Amazon. Invincible is backed by a powerful cast of actors, starring Steve Yeun, Sandra Oh, and J. K. Simmons with the voice work of Mark Hamill, Seth Rogan, Gillian Jacobs, Zazie Beetz, Walton Goggins, Jason Mantzoukas, and Mae Whitman to name a few.

Spoilers for the first episode of Season 1 of Invincible – It’s about time

The episode begins with two guards out front of the white house. The white house is ringed with weapons. The one guard talks about the futile training they must do to confront the inability to confront super villains. One of these guards, Steve is voiced by Jon Hamm, who talks about his stepson, Matt, and the difficulty of dealing with him and his progress.

Then the Mauler Twins arrive, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, the defenses of the Whitehouse are no match for them. Armored vehicles appear with soldiers in tow. One of them is a clone of the other, and as they bicker about which one is the clone, the guard Steve gets a lucky shot on one of the twin’s eyes. As it seems that Steve will die, the Guardians of the Globe arrive.

The Guardians of the Globe are analogs of the Justice League of America. Each one is voiced by an actor from The Walking Dead. The Immortal, voiced by Ross Marquand (Aaron in TWD), a hero with flight and the ability to survive any injuries and who is thousands of years old and never ages, issues the orders to save the civilians. Red Rush, a Russian Flash analog voiced by Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford in TWD), moves the bystanders several blocks away. War Woman, a Wonder Woman-type hero, voiced by Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene in TWD), tears open an armored personnel carrier to tell the soldiers inside to fall back and help evacuate civilians. Attacked by one of the Mauler Twins she easily knocks him away. Darkwing, a black Batman-type hero riding a flying surfboard, voiced by Lennie James (Morgan Jones in TWD and Fear TWD) tells gawkers to leave outside of the White House fence. Following some falling debris threatening the lives of some school children The Green Ghost, a hero with the ability to phase through objects, voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha Williams in TWD), saves them by using her powers. The Red Rush returns to remove children and more civilians, the speed that he moves causes motion sickness and vomiting in the people he saves. Martian Man (Tyreese Williams in TWD), a Martian Man Hunter analog with Mr. Fantastic like stretching powers and Aquarius, fish like Atlantian, much like Aquaman voiced by Ross Marquand team up to deal one of the Mauler Twins by dropping an APC on him. They split up to search the White House for civilians. Once out from the APC, one of the Twins launches a woman into the sky and Darkwing flies off to save her. The Twin returns the favor by launching an APC to kill Darkwing by crushing him. He is almost successful but Darkwing is saved by Omni-Man voiced by J. K. Simmons. Darkwing launches a burst of bombs to stop a cascade of debris from falling onto them and departs without saying thank you to Omni-Man.

Back at the fight, the Immortal launches 5 soldiers in the air to get them out of the area. Omni-Man snatches them mid-air and gets them to safety. With the evacuation completed the Guardians of the Globe reunite with the aid of Omni-man and easily incapacitate the near helpless Mauler Twins.

At the Grayson household, Mark Grayson voiced by Steven Yeun (Glenn in TWD) is reading his favorite comic on the toilet. His mother, Debbie Grayson, voiced by Sandra Oh, knocks needing soap and barges into the bathroom telling him that he has nothing she has not seen before.

Later Mark is eating breakfast, watching the news. He informs his mom that his dad saved the White House. She dismisses the news as the White House is being attacked and rebuilt regularly at this point. She is irritated that she will not be getting breakfast with Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson this morning. Omni-Man arrives at the backdoor and claims that he is not too late for breakfast. The two of them seem to have a passionate and healthy relationship whose intimacy seems to make Mark uncomfortable. For breakfast, Nolan and Debbie discuss where to fly across the planet to have breakfast. Once a decision to go to Berlin and eat at a restaurant named Best Wurst, Mark is incensed as he loves that restaurant. Nolan tells him that he has school to attend and once his powers kick in he can fly there himself. Mark takes that last part as an insult as he seems to be without powers. Nolan tries to reassure his son that even the latest of the bloomers on Viltrum get there before their 18th birthday. Debbie whispers to Nolan not to get Mark’s hopes up, and Nolan gives a sad knowing look.

Mark heads to school, and after leaving the house attempts to try to fly. Only embarrassing himself in front of the mail carrier.

At school Mark’s friend William Clockwell, voiced by Andrew Rannells, is in disbelief that the Mauler Twins got so close to the president. Mark defends the actions of the Guardians of the Globe and says Omni-Man was there too. William makes fun of Mark for being a fanboy for Omni-Man and objectifies Omni-Man sexually. He mistakes Mark’s ill-ease about the topic as him being squeamish about homosexuality rather than knowing that he is talking about Mark’s father. William changes the subject to try to get Mark to join him in an online game later that night but Mark declines since he has to work that night.

Mark overhears another student Todd, harassing Amber Bennett, voiced by Zazie Beetz, and against the advice of his friend William attempts to intervene. This action does not go well for Mark but as Todd has his back turned Amber kicks him in the groin. Todd runs off and Amber thanks Mark for sticking up for her.

Later that evening at his after-school job, Mark takes the trash to the dumpster and launches one of the bags into space. Mark now has his powers.

At dinner, Debbie has made chicken for the family and heated up some bratwurst for Mark as he missed out on breakfast. Mark is about to tell his mom about his discovery when his dad arrives late apologizing that a dragon was attacking Hong Kong as his excuse for tardiness. Mark then delivers his news, which causes the tone of the conversation to change as Nolan asks “Are you sure?” Mark tells him to send a trash bag into space, and Nolan’s stare is only broken when Debbie kicks him under the table. Nolan then congratulates him and offers to take him flying training in the morning.

Unable to sleep Mark reminisces about his father telling him about his origins. Nolan tells Mark as a child that he is from the planet Viltrum. He tells them they are like Humans except with superpowers, and when they come of age they venture out into space to help lesser advanced civilizations, this is why he is on Earth as its sole protector. While saving people on Earth he met his mother and had him. So Mark is half Viltrumite and can expect to have powers too. After the flashback, Mark goes out and tries to fly, and succeeds. Unrefined in his powers, he goes too high and passes out. When he regains consciousness he is plummeting to Earth without the ability to stop. He impacts into the street, and the next thing you know it’s six in the morning and his alarm is going off to go train on flying with his father. Omni-Man steps in and sees his son is half awake and offers to put on some coffee for his tired son.

The two of them work on flying, and his father gives him the nuances of the power of flight. Omni-Man delivers one of the best lines of the episode in describing flight “It’s like peeing your pants on purpose.” Once on the ground, Nolan tries to teach his son how to punch. The lesson sends Mark reeling, and Nolan apologizes and states that he must be ready for anything.

Once at home, Mark goes to his room, as Debbie asks Nolan how it went. Nolan admits that he pushed his hard and snapped at Debbie. He apologies for the outburst, and says he was not prepared for this since Mark got his powers so late. He ominously delivers the line “This changes things, I can’t help but think that maybe our lives would be better if he hadn’t got them at all.”

The next day at school William tries to figure out what is wrong with Mark. Todd approaches Mark for a rematch. Mark tells him not to try and tells Todd to hit him as hard as he can. After two punches that look normal, the third causes an audible cracking sound as Mark does not react. Todd calls him a freak and moves off, as he sees his attack does not affect. Mrk needs something to punch.

Dressed in an impromptu suit, Mark flys through town looking for a crime to stop. Hearing gunfire he spots two bank robbers with a rock encased the third man. The two argue with the superpowered third member when Mark collides with him. Without a superhero name, Mark is without a response to the question posed by the rock-encased goon. The tussle between the two of them goes decidedly in one direction as Mark dispatches the goon. Omni-Man arrives to tell Mark that his makeshift costume is ridiculous and chides him for the amount of damage he caused in the stopping of the criminal. On a nearby rooftop Marks admits to his father that he was freaked out by being hit by his father and that being a hero is what he has wanted to do since he was a kid. They hug it out and Nolan takes him somewhere special.

Somewhere special is to a mini-mall, to go shopping. As they enter the back entrance to Art’s Tailor, the proprietor asks “Were you seen?” Nolan quips back “who are you talking to?” Art Rosebalm, voiced by Mark Hamill introduces himself, saying Bridal Dresses by day, and super suits by night. Mark wants iconic super suits but does not have a name for Art to work with.

Back at home Mark practices his landing in the backyard, and his mother chides him to go to sleep as he has a class in the morning and she has to work. Mark tells his mom to make him go to bed. Debbie cuts through his bullshit and tries to bridge the gap that his newfound powered life. She reassures him that he does not have to live in the shadow of his father, and just to be himself. She delivers the second-best line of the episode, “I love my asshole son.”

The next day Mark and Nolan play catch in the sky, by throwing a baseball around the planet, as they talk about what is bugging Mark. Divulging that he is scared that he can’t be a superhero, Mark confides in his dad. Nolan tells him that this is the beginning of their journey together and that it’s okay to be scared. Nolan tells him that kids his age think they are invincible, but he is invincible. Mark now has a name, he informs Art and a suit is made.

Dressed in his suit, Mark flies over the city and a supervillain fires a blast that puts a hole in a building. The villain, Kill Cannon, voiced by Fred Tatasciore, with an energy beam arm, tells that cops that are trying to apprehend him are outclassed. Invincible slams into him and easily despatches him. The title card of the show finally appears as Mark tells him to give up as he is Invincible.

Having a picnic in Russia, the Red Rush’s girlfriend, Olga is telling him to be more understanding with Aquarius. In the middle of the conversation, he departs to restrain a villain named Kursk terrorizing a power plant. He forgets to remove his gear and is found out by Ogla, and she is upset. A Guardians emergency summons him from this conversation.

A supervillain named Bi-Plane is threatening to destroy the city of Denver with a suit lined with Plutonium. The Immortal grabs him and launches him into the sky and delivers this tidbit of being a hero, “when in doubt throw them into space.” He too is summoned by the Guardians Emergency Message.

Deep in his palace, Aquarius sits bored, the Emergency beacon is received well as it gives him something to do.

Leaving a large office building Holly/War Woman is being chased by Connie, voiced by Mae Whitman. Connie tells Holly that Havenstorm’s rollout is good for market share. Holly is disgusted as she wanted it to be free. The emergency message summons her as well.

In a dilapidated building, the Martian Man is stretching to the amusement of a small child, named Mickey. It seems to have taken a lot of the alien, but he is elated that he stretched that much. He is summoned as well, and the child wants to come too, but the alien knows it’s too dangerous.
The Green Ghost has a secret identity as a fashion photographer and ends her photoshoot early. She puts a green gem in her mouth and flies off into the sunset.

Darkwing apprehends some crooks who are trying to get into a building. Using some sort of super restraints, he subdues the crooks. As he is interrogating them he is receiving the emergency message and departs on the Dark Jet and is the last to arrive at the rendezvous in a mountain in the united states.

The Guardians of the Globe look to Darkwing and ask why did he summon them. He did not and they are scared. Omni-Man flies in swinging to attack the Immortal, but quick action by the Red Rush saves him.

The all one by one attack him. Red Rush can move members of the team out of the way of Omni-Man attacks but is grabbed by Nolan. He proceeds to squeeze the head of Red Rush. The speedster unleashes attacks on Omni-Man’s chest causing damage to the suit and his hands but not much more than redness to Omni-Man’s body. As the team rush in the Red Rush’s head is crushed.

Martian Man restrains Omni-Man by wrapping his body around him. As the team pummels him trying to figure out why their once ally is attacking them. Omni-Man breaks the grip Martian Man has on him and knocks away War Woman. Darkwing attacks with bombs and is grabbed Omni-Man and killed as fast as a non-powered hero would be in this situation. Flinging Darkwing’s body at Green Ghost causes the hero to take no evasive action against Omni-Man as he destroys the green gem that gives her powers. Aquarius’s water attack keeps the raging superhero at bay as the remaining four heroes get back up, and are still flummoxed about why they are getting attacked. They know it’s either him or them and renew their attack.

War Woman scores a blow that temporarily knocks back Omni-Man, but loses her mace. Omni-Man then turns the weapon on Aquarius and kills him in one stroke. The Martian Man restrains Omni-Man again but has the red spot within reaching distance for Nolan. As the Immortal and War Woman attack Omni-Man. Once the red spot is removed from the Martian Man his is dead, and Omni-Man is freed. His first move is to punch a hole through the chest of the immortal, followed by snapping the neck of War Woman. The Immortal is still able to ask why as he is the only Guardian left. Without a response, Omni-Man decapitates his with one chop. With all the Guardians dead, the very injured Omni-Man passes out.

Lingering Questions:

What is up with all the looks that Nolan has with regards to Mark’s powers?

Exactly how far up did Mark throw the garbage?

Is the Viltrum story is it full of shit? Like the super-powered rumspringa is a bit far-fetched. Plus all the missionaries had mustaches. Very sus.

Also, how did his dad get to earth if he needs to breathe?

Is Nolan a tough-love dad or just a dick?

Did Todd break his hand, punching Mark?

What exactly is the small shape in the form of Martian Man?

Why does the Martian Man have a small child in a dilapidated apartment?

Where are the Guardians of the Globe? The timezones of the various Guardians don’t make sense. Assuming 1 pm in Moscow, Russia, then it would 6 am in New York, and like 3 am in Denver. Green Ghost is leaving at sunset. It’s daylight when the Martian Man is leaving, and War Woman is called in the evening. Darkwing is after sunset or in a light-polluted city.

Are those criminals going to die on the roof that Darkwing left them on?

While they were standing around waiting on Darkwing did none of the guardians think to call Darkwing?

Why didn’t the guardians attack all at once?

Also shouldn’t Darkwing have some sort of contingency plan for Omni-Man attacking them?

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