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Invincible Episode 2 Recap


Apr 15, 2021 ,
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Spoilers for Episode 2 of Invincible

The show opens with the White House guard Steve, and his stepson Matt, as they are on their trip to England standing outside of Buckingham Place. After Matt questions the utility of the size of the palace, Steve tells him it about power and to tell the people that they are above their subjects. Just then the space garbage lobbed by Mark in the previous episode returns splattering them with what looks to be blood. Steve is touched as Matt referred to him as Dad, and they hug.

Back at the scene of the death of the Guardians of the Globe, mysterious invisible soldiers arrive with medical teams to survey the situation. The medical staff beginning to attempt to revive the Immortal, and see that Omni-Man is alive, barely. A facially disfigured man arrives with his pudgy middle manager, the man is angry at what he sees, screaming “god damn it!” as he strikes a medical cart.

Debbie awakes at home, alone in the bed she shares with Nolan. She begins her day and talks with her son before going out. Mark asks her why is so glum, to which she says that Nolan did not come home last night. Mark reassures her that he probably got stuck under a mountain, again. As she heads out men in black are at her door.

Below the Pentagon, the middle manager, Donald Ferguson voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos, takes Debbie and Mark through the workings of the Global Defense Agency. This organization has technology beyond the rest of humanity. As Donald starts drifting off into tour mode, Debbie reminds him that they are here for another reason. Donald tells Mark that GDA works with superheroes to keep the world safe, and maybe one day they will work with Invincible, as shown by the title card of the episode.

At Nolan’s bed, the family rushes in to see him. Donald tells them that they are hoping that he will recover. The disfigured man tells them that they have no idea who did this Nolan and that they will avenge him once they do. He introduces himself as Cecil Steadman, director of the Global Defense Agency, voiced by Walton Goggins. He tells them that in addition to critically injuring Nolan, the Guardians of the Globe were killed last night. They do not know who did it and why Nolan was there at the time. Their theory is someone lured them to Guardians headquarters, to take them out. Debbie demands that she stay by Nolan’s side as he recovers. Just then Donald informs Cecil that an attack is happening downtown, and Cecil is angry as they are down a lot of powerful superheroes. Mark squeezes his father’s hand and departs.

Invincible fly to the sight of the attack. An alien army is emerging through a portal with advanced weaponry and tanks. They are nearly unopposed, as they slaughter civilians, and push through the useless police. Mark is apprehensive to attack this force, as this is his first real threat. Invincible issues a command for them to stop their attack and is knocked back by an assault of blood and viscera as the invaders fail to respond. Seeing one old lady about to be executed, Invincible uses a piece of broken build to smash the face of an alien and attempts to take her to safety. He is hit by another blast and is flung with the lady into a crater. The crash injuries her quite badly and he is in shock. The alien he hit, recovers and gets into the cockpit of one of the tanks. It aims cannon at Invincible but the blast is deflected by a pink force field. Robot seems to have some ability to predict the moves of the enemies and give that information to the team.

Atom Eve arrives, voiced by Gillian Jacobs and the rest of the Teen Team. Lead by Robot, voiced by Zachary Quinto, the other two members are Dupli-Kate voiced by Melise, and Rex Splode voiced by Jason Mantzoukas. This team is an Invisible version of DC’s Teen Titans.

Robot gives orders to the team as they fight the alien menace. Their powers on full display, they make headway as Atom Eve orders Invincible to take the injured lady to the hospital. Robot is doubtful that their team can stop the invasion. Rex Splode’s attacks have little effect on the advancing troops, and Dupli-Kate’s clones are getting killed before she can make more. As they are about to make their last stand, the aliens begin to shrivel up and their machines power down. The assault troops run back through their portal. The Teen Team is stunned, and they hope they have seen the last of these invaders.

At the medical facility of GDA, Mark brings the lady to be treated by the best medical facility on the planet. The otherwise empty waiting room is full of invisible soldiers, and the medical staff takes the lady to be treated. Mark bloody and dispirited is back at his father’s side. He is wallowing in his failure to live up to his father’s legacy as his mom reassures him.

Back at Reginal Vel Johnson High School (Named after the actor who portrayed father from Family Matter and the cop from Die Hard), Mark is despondent. His best friend William asks him what is bothering him. Mark tells him that his father was attacked and is in the hospital. William offers his support, but Mark is distracted by another student, Eve Wilkins. He tells William that he needs to talk to her, William is confused by his actions as he just got into a fight over Amber Bennett.

Mark introduces himself to Eve and says thanks to her for saving him yesterday. She is confused until she realizes he is Invincible. He admits to the name and how dumb it sounds, they go off to go discuss the attack. Amber arrives to see them leaving, and is informed that Mark was attacked again because of Todd.

Eve and Mark hang out on top of the school. It turns out that Teen Team is everyone’s fourth favorite team, but better than Fight Force, as they got beat by the Lizard League. She excuses his failure in his first fight, as she used to puke before fights. She offers to take him to meet the Teen Team after school.

Robot meets with Cecil to discuss the aftermath of the invasion. He says that they only won because of the Teen Team. The aliens, identified as the Flaxans, by Robot as it was able to decode their language during the battle, and identified 6 theories on why the Flaxans retreated. Upon finding the technologies of the Flaxans highly corroded, he identifies that time runs faster where they come from. Cecil asks for Robot’s assessment of Invincible, and he finds him unprepared for being a superhero.

Cecil teleports back to Guardians HQ and talks with Donald about the attack. He informs Cecil that all the monitoring equipment was disabled and that they have no idea who attacked the team. Cecil’s breath becomes visible and he orders all the staff out of the room. A demon dressed as a 1930s detective named Damien Darkblood, voiced by Clancy Brown, touches the blood and sees the attack using his powers. Cecil asks the demon to help them out to figure out what happened.

Back at school Amber comes up to Mark to ask about being attacked again. He tells her that his new strategy is to take the attack until Todd gets bored. Mark then excuses himself and heads off to meet with Eve.
Mark and Eve, then fly through the city. The obvious inexperience of Mark is evident as they arrive at Teen Team’s secret lair. Once inside Rex and Kate are playing doubles ping pong, while Robot is on the computer. Eve and Rex kiss as she arrives. Rex gives Invincible a hard time, saying they beat the invasion without his help, but Kate corrects him letting them know that the Flaxans only left because they got old. The Teen Team introduces themselves, and Robot informs them that he has fabricated an early warning device for a Flaxan attack. The GDA has tasked them to take up the slack for the Guardians, and Robot asks Invincible to join them in their efforts.

Back at Nolan’s bed, Mark informs the unconscious man of these developments. Debbie comes in and checks in with her son, and offers to listen. Later Mark checks in on the woman he saved, her name is Maya. Since she is at a GDA facility he family can not see her, and she is too critical to transfer back to a normal hospital.
At the Teen Team base, Rex finds the Flaxan early warning signal going on, and asks Kate if it is supposed to be going off. Mark and Williams are discussing Mark’s departure with Eve the day before he departs mysteriously. Amber takes Mark’s place, asks if Mark and Eve are dating, and Williams offers her his number.

Eve and Mark meet up with the Teen Team, and Rex is immediately jealous of their arrival together. The Flaxans return, lead by the alien that Mark struck, they have adapted to the time stream differences and they have changed their tactics to deal with the Teen Team. The group now is much less effective, and only after Eve’s life is threatened does Invincible fight at full strength. Robot identifies that Flaxans have wristbands that protect them from the time differences. Once Robot finds the resonance frequency for these pieces of technology destroys them en-masse. Deprived of their protection the Flaxans run back through the portal.
Rex congratulates Mark on his fighting and asks that he never does that to them. Mark receives a call and he leaves before the cleaning up commences. Back at the hospital, Nolan is awake, and the family is relieved. Nolan seems proud to hear his son has been protecting the planet. Mark then checks on Maya only to find out she died. As Nolan checks out he demands his suit back and claims it is classified.

News coverage of the invasions also notes the absence of the Guardians from these attacks. Once home Mark and Nolan train as Cecil arrives at their home. The Director asks Nolan to deal with a returning threat. Debbie puts her foot down and demands he stay home. Mark offers to deal with the threat, Debbie is okay with this but Nolan vouches that Mark is capable enough to deal with this alien. Nolan tells Mark that he has to knock some sense into the alien and he will leave.

Mark flies to the top of the atmosphere, takes his last breath, and flies into space. Once up there a one-eyed alien voiced by Seth Rogan attacks him. The alien talks with him telepathically, and mistakes Mark for his father. They fight in orbit, and eventually, Mark slams him into the moon. Once on the surface they talk, it turns out that the alien is named Allen and is an evaluation officer for the Coalition of Planets. He travels around to ensure that planets have defenders. It turns out Allen has the wrong planet and he was supposed to be attacking URATH. Once informed Allen leaves for the final time.

Back at the Grayson household, Cecil asks one more time what happened with the Guardians. Nolan tells him that he got a distress call and he arrived to help. Once the lights went out everyone was attacked and he kept fighting till he passed out.

At school Todd pretends to attack Mark again, only to provide a pretext to ask out Mark for Amber. Once he gives him her number he storms off. Mark receives a phone call, the Flaxans are attacking again.
Once again due to the time differences, the Flaxans have returned, and have upgraded their technology and tactics. Realizing that they are outmatched, Robot considers contact Cecil to have a nuclear strike on the city. The rest of the team overrides that decision and sprints into action. The team does better initially but the aggressors neutralize Mark. Their leader is pummeling Mark in a large battle suit, and it does not look like the team will prevail. Omni-Man arrives to pull the leader off him and take the full force of their attack without trouble. Realizing they are in trouble the Flaxans flee through their portals. Seeing Omni-Man take their leader through the portal, Mark informs the team that Omni-Man is his dad.

Mark returns home bruised and tells his mom that Nolan is gone. Debbie is dismissive of the news and knows he will be back. She says that he probably just explaining to them that they should leave them alone.
On the Flaxan homeworld, Omni-Man unleashes on the enemy leader, reducing to a handful of viscera. He flies through their cities at a speed so fast it destroys them with the shockwave alone. Their civilization is laid low, and he grows a beard in the fast temporal flow. Holding a small hill a threat he gets the remaining Flaxans to open a portal so he can get home. Once Nolan returns home the news of the death of the Guardians of the Globe is made public.

In the after-credits scene, Damien Darkblood informs Cecil that no one else was there at the attack of the Guardians, so the killer must be one of them. Cecil dismisses that tidbit, as many villains can attack without a trace. Cecil threatens the demon to keep silent on his theory and assigns a team to surveil the Graysons.

Lingering Questions:

The Global Defense Agency has fancy stretchers but no flying cars?

How does Cecil Steadman teleport?

What is the age difference between Eve and Rex?

Are Rex and Kate having sex?

Why does Omni-Man need his costume back?

How come Nolan did not correct the misnamed planet issue with Allen the Alien?A

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