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Invincible Episode 3 Recap


Apr 16, 2021 ,
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Spoilers for Episode 3 of Invincible

The episode opens with the memorial for Guardians of the Globe. Debbie and Mark are in the audience. Omni-Man flies over with two military jets (I paused and look real close, they look like F-16s but the tails are wrong), and performs a modified missing man formation. He lands to give a speech about the loss of the Guardians. His speech is being broadcast around the world. Kyoto, London, Harlem, and somewhere in Brazil are shown. The speech is basic as it memorializes the dead and passes the torch to the next generation of heroes. Later that day, a memorial is held in secret to bury the bodies of the fallen heroes. The incessant rain is only drowned out by the cries of Olga, who laments the loss of the Red Rush. Mark asks why they do the funeral again, and Eve explains that no one can know where they bury the dead heroes since people would try and dig up the corpses for souvenirs. Nolan again gives a speech about the Guardians, but this time it seems more heartfelt. Olga has an outburst as they lower the caskets. She is mad about the caskets being closed, not knowing that he no longer has a head. Debbie goes to soothe the grieving Olga. Eve asks Mark if he is ok. Mark is concerned that it could have been him or his father in those caskets. He says being at the funeral for superheroes proves that none of them are Invincible.

After the funeral, Damien Darkblood shows up to continue his investigation. Nolan confronts the demon, to find out what he wants. Damien says he wants to bring the killer to justice and Nolan retorts that he just wants to buy himself some more time out of hell by doing this deed. Damien jabs back that maybe someday, Nolan will find out why he doesn’t want to go home. Damien repeats back Nolan’s line that he knows nothing and they were attacked in the dark. Nolan asks if he is insinuating something, to which Damian brushes it off as he is not great with human speech. As Debbie ushers Olga to a vehicle, Cecil offers Robot the job to come work for him at the GDA and form a new team of Guardians.

Back at the Grayson household, Nolan is cheery and offers to fly to get real Italian pizza. Debbie tells him to let the delivery driver do the job. Debbie tries to get Mark out of the house to cheer him up. Mark snaps back at her, and Nolan puts his foot down. He tells him that he can not bring what happens out there back home, whether it’s good or bad. With Mark gone, Debbie talks to Nolan, she is upset that he is so casual after the death of his friends. She is upset and considers if it was her and Mark putting him into the ground. Nolan says he is not so easy to kill and further upsets Debbie. He apologizes and says that he and Mark can do more out there than staying in and grieving. Across the street, the GDA is monitoring their house and listening to conversations.

In his room, Mark decides to finally call Amber. They flirt on the phone and Mark has a bit of a hard time getting out his words. They have to restart the conversation once Mark gets flustered, and he asks to have a study date. Amber is impressed and acquiesces to his invitation.

Elsewhere Eve flys back to the Teen Team base, finding no one around she goes to change. Kate comes out of the shower and seems concerned that Eve is back from the funeral so soon. Eve is concerned that something is wrong and finds Rex with two more copies of Kate in the shower. Rex asks her to wait and he can explain. Kate apologizes and says that Rex told her Eve was dating Mark now. Rex says that it’s true but Eve still says it’s not and leaves crying. Rex says that having sex with Kate does not mean anything to him, further digging his grave with both women.

At the GDA base below the Pentagon, Robot has trials to find the new members of the Guardians of the Globe. Robot asks Invincible why he will not try out, Mark says his father wants to train him, and his mom wants him to finish school. Robot then inquires what did he show up then and Mark, the fanboy at heart, just wanted to meet them all.

Robot pits the various heroes against each other to see who gets to be on the team. He is not only looking for might but variability, tactics, and character. After the competition Robot announces his team, Black Samson voiced by Khary Payton, Dupli-Kate, Shrinking Rae, and Monster Girl both voiced by Grey Griffin. Rex makes fun of Monster Girl for being adorable and makes for being a child. Monster Girl does not take shit from him and makes fun of him saying he has a tiny dick. Rex then threatens her as she transforms into the monster and proceeds to beat him. With no one stopping the fight Invincible stops the fight, by beating back Monster Girl. She apologizes to Rex as she takes being called a girl personally. Rex being the asshole he is refuses to thank Mark for saving him.

Robot finishes announcing the team with Rex and Eve. The latter refuses to join, as she can not be on a team with Rex or Kate. Both Invincible and Robot are in the dark about this interpersonal issue. Eve flies off and Invincible catches up, she explains what happened to him.

Back at GDA, Robot puts out a plan to train up the team. They are stuck at the GDA until the investigation is finished at Guardians HQ. Robot intends to train the team from 6 am to noon before it realizes that Kate is not the prime one, and Rex says he is not doing 6 AM training. Rex then starts problems with Black Samson, as he points out that he lost his powers which is why he was kicked off the Guardians before. Black Samson threatens Rex and challenges Robot as the leader. Rae and Kate go off to the gym, followed by Rex and Samson. Monster Girl says she can not train to Robot’s schedule as her transformations make her younger. She originally was Monster Woman but as she used her powers so much that she became a girl. Robot shares the notion that he too feels the same as her as he is different as his external appearance would convey. She dismisses his opinion as he is just a robot.

At the Grayson house, William helps out Mark to get his room ready for his study date with Amber. He offers him books to convey that he is into the same things as her. Amber arrives and Mark admits that William tried to coach him, she responds positively to his honesty. She asks about his comics likes so that she can show some interest in him. Right Mark receives a phone call from an unknown number, and he attempts to deny the call. Seeing that the caller won’t stop Amber goes to the restroom so he can answer it. Once she is out of the room, Cecil teleports into his room. He tells him that he needs his help, and dresses him down to start acting like a real superhero. Once Mark acquiesces he gives him an earpiece and tells him he needs to go to Mt. Rushmore. Before Amber returns, Cecil teleports out, and Mark gives her a lame excuse why he ran this errand.

Eve and Mark fly to South Dakota to deal with this threat, en route Cecil informs them that it’s a mad scientist Doc Seismic who is attacking the monument with superpowered gloves. He says that he would ask the two of them but Omni-Man is busy with a Kaiju on the other side of the planet.

At Mt. Rushmore, Doc Seismic is summoning columns of lava, and causing widespread destruction. Using the bracelets he takes off the face of Lincoln, at the last second Invincible grabs the falling face and returns it to its original place. The three of them then engage in battle as the doctor endangers the lives of bystanders. The two heroes work together to keep the people alive. Once the doctor’s gloves are broken, his powers become unstable. Eve catches the doctor before he plummets to magma. Once Invincible arrives the doctor falls and Invincible attempts to save him but the mad scientist pushes Mark away. The two heroes getaway but the doctor is dead.

Once back at home Nolan has a conversation with Mark as he tries to get back to Amber. Nolan is proud his son is picking what he has to do over what he wants to do. He reminds him that he is not just a superhero, but a Viltrumite. As a Viltrumite, he has responsibilities that other humans do not have. He also reminds Mark to change back into regular clothes, while Mark points out that Nolan has a bit of Kaiju on his suit.

Up in Mark’s room, Amber is mad she had to sit in Mark’s room for an hour alone. She asks him why did he ask her out if he was just going to leave. Mark points she only was interested once he stopped Todd. Amber says that while she has had men throw punches for her, he is the only one that took punches for her. In his absence she finished studying for them, now she asks what they will do.

At the site of the Kaiju attack, Donald tells Cecil that Omni-Man struggled to defeat the monster, and the monster might still be alive. Cecil directs him to put the monster on ice as a contingency.

Back at the house, Nolan surprises Debbie with the Kaiju part. She asks him if he asked Cecil about extra protection for the family. Nolan reassures them that they are safe with him, and she says that she too is a badass for selling a house that had a double homicide.

Meanwhile, at Teen Team HQ, Eve is removing the pictures and other mementos from the time that she was dating Rex. An impromptu firework draws her out of the base, the cause of this commotion is Rex. He attempts to apologize but Eve is not moved. She flys off to visit Mark. At his house she finds Mark and Amber making out, and she is happy for Mark.

At a GDA prison, the Mauler twins are receiving their dinners, an unseen person allows one of the twins to disable a guard. Using the guard’s handprint the one twin offers to let the other one out on the condition that he admit that he is the original. The twin complies to gain his freedom. They fight their way through a wave of soldiers to escape to the surface. The person that let out aids once more by providing a ladder for them to escape. Once on the surface, a laser emplacement fires on the twins but the original one uses the clone to destroy the weapon. The original escapes the prison into the desert.

The facilitator of the escape turns out to be Robot. After letting them go Cecil comes to check in on the Robot for a status update on the new Guardians.

Late at night in the Grayson house, Debbie is working, when she feels the cold that precipitates a visit from Daemon Darkblood. He asks Debbie whether she has heard anything out of Nolan. When Nolan comes into the room, she denies that anything happened, however, Nolan knows that Darkblood was there.

Lingering Questions:

Under what pretext do Debbie and Mark have to be at the funeral?

Who is in charge of Atlantis now?

Is Damian Darkblood semi-invulnerable to Omni-Man?

Did Nolan kill the Guardians to be the sole power?

Is the thing on Robot’s head a man bun?

So is Robot an actual robot?

Is Doc Seismic dead?

When Mark and Nolan are having their conversation in the hall could Amber hear them?

What are these Viltrumite responsibilities Nolan hints at?

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