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Invincible Episode 4 Recap


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This episode opens with an Egyptian excavation in the desert. Bryant arrives via a vehicle lights a cigarette and his palm is tattooed with a scarab. The workers open a tomb and Bryant berates the foreman for the slowness of his team. Once opened, he enters the tomb and finds the sarcophagus. Referring to the enclosed mummy as Master, he places his tattooed hand on the sarcophagus and it glows with green light. He states that the master “Will teach this world to suffer.” A mummy floats in the air and seemly attacks its acolyte. The foreman says that Bryant is resurrecting Ka-Hor, and a green zombie is seen coming out of the tomb only to be shut back in by the abrupt closing of the tomb.

Invincible and Omni-Man are training together in the desert, the former is seemingly kicking up a sandstorm. Omni-Man implores his son to push himself to build speed and endurance. Invincible is still working on his flight abilities and needs a break. Omni-Man races him on a bet to Mt. Everest, to which his son does not know where it is at, to which he replies “it’s the tall one.” Upon the mountain, they startle a climber, and as Mark introduces himself as Invincible we see the title card. The climber heads down the summit as Nolans says he forgets how beautiful the planet can be and frets for the destruction humanity is unleashing upon it. Nolan says, “good thing they have us”, which Mark inquiries about differences of Viltrum. Nolan tells him that their people ended wars, brought peace, and raised aliens into the future. He says that that is the reason he is on Earth, and why his son is too. Mark cannot believe his father would leave his home to come here. Nolan was part of the World Betterment Committee and says that the death of his parents cast him adrift and with no other family he came to Earth to build something new. When Mark asks “like with Mom?”, Nolan responds that his wife changed everything. His family changed his outlook on being on Earth. Mark does not know if he could leave everything to go to other worlds. Nolan says the sacrifice that he made and his people’s ways are what he is trying to instill in his son. The two of them head home, as another bet is made that Nolan handly wins.

Back in the Suburbs, Olga, the former girlfriend of the slain Red Rush, is talking with Debbie. Olga is berating the efforts of the Global Defense Agency. She says as a Russian she know how governments work and the GDA is doing nothing to bring the killer of the Guardians of the Globe to justice. Knowing they are lying, she intends to move home to Russia and wants Debbie to sell her house. Debbie asks Olga whether Red Rush ever lied to her. She says of course he did all heroes do, thus reinforcing Debbie’s doubts about Nolan.

Once Debbie arrives home she starts to drink wine and opens a private browser to learn what she can about Demien Darkblood. Nolan and Mark arrive back at the house and Nolan informs Debbie that her son has a date. The two of them work together to give their son a rash of shit about it. Nolan offers to take Debbie out, as she pivots to Olga’s impending house sale, and tells him about Olga’s conspiratorial accusations. Nolan dismisses it as Olga needing to stop drinking. Debbie is taken aback by Nolan’s offhanded callousness, and he reminds her of an incident of Olga overdrinking.

Amber and Mark are having their date at a night Asian market. Amber tells Mark about her experiences in the Philippines as a volunteer. When Mark is forced to recount his travels, he tells her that he visited Mt. Everest, but can elaborate without revealing his alias, and quickly distracts her with an overpriced, baul. Lacking that much cash, he buys her a much cheaper rice separator.

At his office, Damien Darkblood is visited by Nolan, who is angered by his visit with his wife. The demon says that Nolan killed the Guardians. Nolan retorts that maybe it was Damien who killed them. The back and forth is broken by Nolan’s threat to put it the GDA that Darkblood did the murders if e continues to bother his family. The demon tells him that his wife suspects him, and it is only a matter of time until his son does too.

The remaining Mauler twin arrives at an abandoned workshop with equipment. He sets about building some type of high-tech equipment. Using a drill press on his flesh he obtains a blood sample, and he sets about to generate a clone of himself. Using frozen burgers to provide the protein the machine begins creating the clone.

As Robot is monitoring the situation with the Mauler twin, the Guardians arrive at their new home. The new team arrives at the old team’s base. Black Samson is grateful to be back at base, and Rex threatens him with his acerbic wit. Cecil arrives via a teleporter to welcome the team to their new base. When Rex points out that a patch of blood was left on the wall, Cecil tells them that it is there to bring them down to earth. He is called back to base because Omni-Man has shown up to the GDA. Monster Girl and Rex bury the hatchet over the whole of the superhero community being assholes. Robot upon seeing the two bonding chides Rex to keep his professional and personal lives separate since he cause Eve to leave Teen Team. Rex is put off by his accusation, and Robot takes a blood sample from him.

Back at the Grayson house, Debbie is working late and Nolan arrives asking her why she is working so late. This question is returned with the question of where was he coming from. They get into an argument over his belittle comment about her job. He shushes Debbie and grabs Cecil by the throat. The director of GDA says the teleporter missed the front door, and Nolan says he is jumpy.

After their date Mark walks Amber home. She says that he has to plan the second date and kiss goodnight. Elated, Mark flies home to find his parents talking with Cecil in the kitchen. The Director informs him that NASA is sending their first mission to Mars, and he needs Omni-Man to shadow the mission to ensure their safety. Nolan accuses the GDA of trying to get him off the planet. Cecil says that with the death of the guardians, the people of Earth need a win for morale purposes. Nolan refuses to go and Mark volunteers to do the mission in his father’s stead. Only does the finding out that he will be gone for 2 weeks, makes Mark’s commitment waver. Debbie says that the decision to go is with him solely. Mark finally agrees and Cecil teleports away. He rematerializes at the Grayson monitoring house across the street. Donald is confused as he says the mission was to get Nolan off-world to investigate him for the Guardians murders, but Cecil is taking the opportunity to see how Mark does.

At school the next day, Mark is seeking advice from Eve on what to do. She says that these types of problems are why she does not date regular people, and Mark says her relationship with Rex did not work out. Mark offers to exchange help with Eve too but her problems are more about her life as a superhero. She tells him that if he tells Amber his secrete identity that he should be serious.

Amber is at home watching the Mars mission’s launch when Mark shows up with the overpriced baul. He tells her that he will be leaving to go do volunteer work for two weeks, in a desert location. He asks her not to lose interest in him for the two weeks he is gone and she agrees. Mark follows the ship into orbit and boards the ship in secret. Cecil gives him a brief that his mission is to protect this team from any interference from the Martians. Mark is choked that there are Martians at all, and Cecil asks him “where do you time Martian Man came from?” The shuttle docks with a much larger Mars-bound spacecraft and launches on its mission. A frozen dead Bi-Plane is seen in the shot after being thrown into space in episode 1.

Back in the Grayson household, Debbie and Nolan watch the mission launch. Nolan is disgusted by Mark being on the mission. Debbie mentioned that Nolan has been behaving differently since Mark gained his powers. She mentioned that he has been annoyed and distant, and talking about Veltrum recently. Nolan says that he wants Mark to know about his people and Debbie reminds him that she does not know anything about them either, and never met another one. She accuses him of hiding something. He tells her that he never thought that he would have a family before he met her, with Mark gaining his powers and the Guardians getting killed he is afraid he will lose everything. Debbie admits she is worried too, and Nolan suggests that with Mark gone they should go on vacation.


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16Onboard, the ship Mark attempts to eat a meal while looking at Mars. He is thwarted by his sandwich being frozen. Back on Earth, Debbie and Nolan are off enjoying Rome and visiting their favorite restaurant. Arriving at Mars, the astronauts land on the surface. One of the team catch a brief glimpse of Invincible but discounted the observation. The astronauts conduct their research. This boring task causes Mark to pass out, and find that the team is gone. The only evidence of their departure is series of tracks obviously from a group of Martians.

Enjoying some espresso, Debbie and Mark reminisce about their first date in Rome. They are having a better time, but Debbie is still having a nagging sense of danger. Nolan admits that Cecil is suspicious of him for the murder of the Guardians, and Debbie asks him if he had anything to do with it. He does not deny anything with the deaths. He says that can protect his family but he needs her to trust him. A dragon attacks the city of Rome before he can get her to say she still trusts him. Only after he gets her to say that she trusts him does he relax. Rather than deal with the monster, he lets Cecil earn his paycheck since he is on vacation.

At the Grayson residence, Damien Darkblood continues his search for evidence. The demon detects the arrival of Cecil and goes to talk to him. Surrounded by GDA troops Cecil says “no one warned us about you.”

On Mars, Mark follows the trail of the Martians to an underground lair where he is immediately attacked by some sort of creature. He throws the attacking organism away and heads underground to find a hallway full of these creatures. The gems on the walls transform into Martians, and four of them subdue him. Mark tells them that he is not there to hurt them and flings another creature away. The guards are amazed that he is unaffected by the creatures they refer to as Sequids. They ask if the astronauts are like him but he says “sort of” and inquires how they speak English, to which they say they speak Martian. These guards lead him to the Martian Emperour, voiced by Djimon Hounsou who inquires why he is here. Mark tells the Emperor that he is there to ensure his people get back safe, and the astronauts disavow him. The Emperor tells him that the Sequids why he captures the astronauts, they are not native to Mars, and arrived via a ship. Martians and Veltrumites are immune to them but humans are not. If they join with a host they will become powerful and destroy the Martian Civilization, and Earth. The emperor has scheduled the astronauts for execution to prevent that from happening. As it will not let the astronauts go free, Invincible takes them away unseen. The hero and the astronauts haul ass to the shuttle, and Invincible lifts the spaceship off the planet. They depart the planet and Mark takes a rock. Unbeknownst to everyone, one of the astronauts is a martian in disguise. Leaving one human on the red planet, causing the catastrophe that the martian emperor was trying to prevent.

At the Grayson house, a by-the-book mission is reported on the news while his parent was having some last-minute sex. Mark arrives, and his parents cover up this fact as they welcome him home.

The next day at school, Mark gives Amber the Mars rock and tells her not to show it to any geologists. She is happy to see him.

At the GDA, Cecil is bringing Damien Darkblood into the holding cell. Cecil tells him that he found the blood of the Guardians in the demon’s office, and Damien says it was planted. Damien tells him that he had nothing to do with the deaths, and Cecil agrees. They lead the demon to a salt circle, and he asks why. Cecil tells him that he told Damien not to pursue Nolan as the killer and since he did not listen he will send him back to hell using a book he reconstructed with artificial intelligence. Cecil needs Nolan to relax while he figures out why he killed the Guardians, and how to stop him. They send the demon back to hell.

Debbie prepares Olga’s house for sale and finds a buyer. Robot takes the sample of Rex’s blood to a misshaped fetus in a tank, that is controlling the robot. As Debbie tells Nolan that she sold Olga’s house, Nolan tells her he is in the clear for the death of the Guardians. In Debbie’s and Nolan’s closet Damian Darkblood’s notebook is hiding.

Lingering Questions:

  • Will we see Ka-Hor again?
  • What happened at the Christmas party?
  • Can Omni-Man hurt a demon?
  • How did they get to Mars so fast?
  • Wouldn’t NASA notice Mark’s weight during the flight?
  • So are the Martians dead now?
  • Why would a martian replace an Astronaut?
  • What’s is in Damien’s notebook?

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