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Invincible Episode 5 Recap


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Warning Spoilers for Episode 5 of Invincible

The opening scene takes place in a back alley, where two gangsters step out of a busy warehouse to have a cigarette. They notice a person down the alley coming towards them, this guy takes off his hoodie and transforms into a rock-encased criminal named Titan last seen in Episode 1. The bullets of the gangsters do not affect him as he rams through the door and wall. Inside the more gang members are counting money and packaging cocaine. Their bullets have little effect on his rock shell, as he annihilates the gangsters. He rampages through them like a hungry lion through a box of puppies. With the head gangster held up by his throat, he says “Tell Mr. Liu, the next time I find them on our turf, I won’t be so gentle”, and he snapped his neck. A young gangster is left alive to relay that message and is shaking with his shotgun trained on Titan. He fires and is told to go. Titan, voiced by Mahershala Ali, is disappointed that his pants did not survive the battle unscathed.

Later we find Invincible fighting Kill Cannon again. The villain claims to be ready for him but is as easily dispatched as in his previous battle. At the high school, a group of kids is watching the battle on a cellphone as Amber waits for Mark to show up. It is 3:23 when Mark arrives, as she looks him over. She walks away without saying a thing. Mark offers her some Japanese Cheesecake to make up for being late. The cheesecake offering seems insane to her as the getting of this gift seemed to cause his tardiness.

An apartment is burning somewhere in the city as Titan exits the building. The tenants are incensed by the arson, and feeling guilty, he gives them some cash and tells them where they can find some housing.

Another battle Invincible is fighting is Roarface, a woman with a werewolf head, the fallout from the battle causes a building to partially collapse, and he saves the people inside. Following this battle Mark is getting yelled at by his Burger Mart Manager for being late for work. Mark is done with having to deal with this job and quits it.

Back in the city, Titan is dangling a man over the ledge of a building seeking the money he is trying to collect. The man offers him the money in his wallet, and upon seeing the picture of this man with his daughter he gives the man another two days to pay up.

The next day Nolan and Mark are trying to get the location of a gravity bomb from the Mad Scientist at 10,000 feet in the air. Mark is at a loss at getting the information out of the helpless man. Nolan says you have to make him think you will drop him, and then Nolan does that. Mark asks if he is going to catch him, and Nolan blithely responds “in a second.”

At his high school, Mark is making his way through the hallways when he runs into Principal Winslow, voiced by Reginald VelJohnson, the school is named for the actor and the character is named for his role in the TV show Family Matters. The Principal escorts him to his office to talk about his attendance issues.

Elsewhere Titan bashes his way through a lab to obtain a computer chip. The security detail arrives with guns drawn. Titan asks if their lives are worth the pay, or will they just shoot their guns at the ceiling, stay they tried their best, and let him go. They choose the latter and let Titan stroll past them.

While dealing with an off-the-screen villain trying to attack him, Mark texts Amber. He needs to cancel their plans, and she acquiesces but warns him to not blow off dinner with her mother. He agrees that he will not miss that planned event.

At a large office guarded by heavily armed henchmen, Titan arrives to bring the boss the microchip he stole. The boss’s underling, Isotope watches from the couch as Titan walks past. The boss turns around and is shown to be the appropriately named Machine Head, voiced by Jeffery Donovon. The criminal boss congratulates him for bringing it unscratched and inserts it into his robotic head, and he experiences an orgasmic response to the new technology. Titan says with that chip he is out. Machine Head tells him no, as he is too good at his job. While he is not as bloodthirsty as he would like, Titan gets things done, without hassle. The boss tells him that since he knows where his family lives, Titan will continue to work for him until he says he is done. In a fit of rage, Titan destroys the boss’s desk. Machine Head enjoys the spectacle, and now says he has to stay to pay for the desk too.

In the space above Earth, Mark is trying to redirect an asteroid, under the guidance of Nolan. He sends the rock away from Earth as his father tells him that it was a small one, and he had sent one the size of Texas. Mark’s cell phone goes off, and he says he has to go. Nolan chides him but ultimately relents to his son going off to see his girlfriend. He arrives late bearing dessert, she is pissed. Up in her room, he is enjoying the leftovers, and she addresses the fact that he is always late, or misses dates but makes up for it in other ways. She is not okay with the way he is treating her over the last three months. He struggles and almost tells her that he is Invincible, but promises to do better. On his walk home his father calls him to practice on a villain named the elephant, Mark is not feeling it but relents to go deal with this problem.

Titan walks through the streets and arrives home. He sneaks into his house and surprises his daughter, Fiona, voiced by Nicole Byer with ice cream. His wife, Vanessa, also voiced by Nicole Byer is still wearing her waitress garb and asks if they are still under the thumb of Machine Head, and he responds that it is not that simple. Later that evening, Titan is on the fire escape and his daughter comes out to see him. Invincible flies past and the little girl points and asks if he is a good guy. Titan responds in the affirmative, and she asks if he is a good guy he lets the question fall unanswered. He says that he calls himself Invincible and we get the title card of the episode.

At the Grayson household, Debbie finds the notebook of Damien Darkblood in the closet. The small notebook is made with the leather of a human face. As she is examining it, Nolan arrives to ask her about a restaurant in France. She goes to the bathroom, locking the door behind her, and studies the notebook. He was trying to find his bloody costume, and she remembered the conversation at the hospital when Nolan demanded it.

At Eve’s parent’s house, the hero is getting yelled at by her father. He is angry that without Rex around she cannot take care of herself. Her mother attempts to moderate the discussion to no avail, and Eve tells them that both her relationship with Rex and Teen Team is done. Despite knowing that Rex cheated on his daughter, he demands that she forgive him and get back together with him. Her dad is overprotective, underestimates his daughter’s power, and does not want her to be a hero anymore. Eve does a quick demonstration of her power for her folks and tells them that she is not sure she wants to be a hero or part of the family anymore. She transforms the wall into a door and flies off.

Invincible is flying and gets incredibly close to a 747, after waving at a child onboard he notices his name painted on a roof. He flies down to find Titan waiting for him. Mark recognizes him and thinks that he wants revenge. Titan says he called him down because he needs his help. Mark initially says he does not help criminals, to which Titan tells him he only works for one because he can not escape. Titan wants him to help take out Machine Head, and Mark does not believe his name. Titan tells him that since he is a suburban kid he does not know him, and tells him he has a cut of any illegal activity in the city. Mark is still dismissive because he thinks it’s below him as a superhero. Titan convinces Mark to let him show him how it is, and they head off. The sanitation department is owned by Machine Head and used to ship drugs throughout the city. The boss runs apartment buildings as a slum lord and burns them down for insurance money. Isotope is his right-hand man and is used to teleport the criminal mastermind across the city. Titan pitches the toppling of Machine Head’s criminal empire, to help real people. Mark asks him why he borrowed the money in the first place and got himself into this predicament. As Titan walk towards his family, he says “it wasn’t for me.”

Later that evening, Mark discusses the situation with his parents. Mark thinks he can take down Machine Head. Debbie is distracted, and Nolan is dismissive when he asked for input. The veteran superhero thinks his son is being used and feels that it is beneath him as a superhero. Debbie comes down as being suspicious but knows that helping is what superheroes do. Mark decided to sleep on the decision.

At the Guardians headquarters return to base after defeating the Lizard League. The team is in high spirits and starts drinking, Robot tells them that there is no alcohol in their headquarters. Rex took it upon himself to correct that error. Black Samson ends the partying by use of an ultrasonic blast and harangues the team for their performance. He shows them that they fought like individuals and not like a team. Rex and Monster Girl failed to stop a bus of children from crashing. Duplicate could contain the leader of snake-based villains from changing people into snakes. Rex again gets into Black Samson’s face over his lack of superpowers. Dupli-Kate agrees with Samson’s assessment and the team leaves the debrief.


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Back at the Grayson household, Nolan and Debbie are fighting over the advice that Mark received. Nolan diminishes her opinion due to his lack of powers. While Debbie reminds him that she was the one that showed him how to be a hero. Nolan tells her that he just does not trust Titan and that Mark should trust him.

At school the next day Mark leaves a test with Eve. He laments that he will not need to find Mongolia on a map and Eve reemphasizes that it is super important to be able to navigate from the air. Mark notices that Eve is irritated about something. She says that she is having home issues and is confused about what she is doing with her family and her superhero activities. Amber interrupts their discussion to remind Mark that he volunteered to help her at the community center downtown. Amber used to hang out there while her mother was at work, and this happens to be the community center that Titan supports. Mark excuses himself and Amber invites Eve to come to help out too. Before Amber leaves she asks Eve for her take on Mark’s behavior lately. She complains to her, Eve sticks up for Mark despite his failings and promises to come to the community center too.

Titan and Mark are scoping out the penthouse of Machine Head from afar, accessing the security measures emplaced by the criminal mastermind. The level of security is no match for Mark but Isotope’s abilities are a problem. However, Titan has taken steps to ensure that he is not there for this attack. Afterward, according to the plan, Mark will take the supervillain to the Global Defense Agency. Mark asks Titan about his daughter at the community center, and he says that is her second home. This last fact pushes Mark to decide to help him but says that it’s gotta be quick as he has plans.

At the warehouse of the remaining Mauler Twin, his clone is complete. He sets up a brain copying device and makes his Twin complete. Its first words are, “welcome to the world of the living, clone.” The original tells the mouthy clone that he is the original. Robot surprises the two supervillains. They attempt to attack him, but he avoids their attack. The Robot is there to elicit their help to make a clone using the sample it got from Rex.

Outside of their house, Debbie calls Nolan and asks for him to run some errands on the other side of the planet. She has a timetable planned out and sets a timer. She goes through the house looking for clues. She sees a loose air vent and investigates. While chasing this lead she finds a bag with the bloody uniform, right as Nolan arrives home.

Machine Head’s security team is unable to compete as the combined efforts of Invincible and Titan. They easily break into the office, and Mark confronts the villain. The upgrade he got earlier in the episode granted him precognitive powers, and he knew they would attack. Isotope arrives next to the boss as he explains his upgrade. Outmatched physically, the mastermind tells him that he has the money for the help he needs. Isotope teleports in 5 villains, Furnace, Kursk, Magmaniac, Battle Beast, and Tether Tyrant and they are more than the two heroes can handle.

At the community center, Eve is greeted by Amber, who shows her the layout. Eve asks if Mark is here, and Amber says he has 15 minutes before she is done with him.

In the penthouse, Mark and Titan fight the team of villains. Battle Beast, voiced by Michael Dorn, a humanoid Lion-like alien with a mace is much stronger than Titan as they fight. Mark uses his flight skills to dodge the magma attacks of Magmaniac. Omni-Man observes the fight from afar watching his son have difficulties. Tether Tyrant, who has tethers emitting from a hole in his chest restrains Mark until he freaks out and breaks free. Using his tethers to swing him at the electricity-based Kursk, he disables the two villains, and he blasts apart Magmaniac. Battle Beast stops his attack with ease, and Mark is brought down.

Amber is checking her phone to see if Mark has texted her with a worried look on her face.

Titan is being thrashed by resurgent Tether Tyrant, as Mark is being beaten up by Battle Beast. Machine Head is enjoying the show when he picks something up on his precognitive abilities. The Guardians of Globe arrive to help out as the GDA received an anonymous call about Mark fighting these villains. The Guardians even up the fight for a bit, but their efforts are not enough. The Guardians are defeated as well, and Battle Beast, angry about the ease of their fight, turns to take out his rage on the helpless Mark. The alien intends on killing Mark, bashes him with his mace in the chest. Samson tries to attack the alien and is easily defeated, with his hand crushed in the beast’s paw. Monster Girl breaks free of Kursk’s electrical hold and confronts the alien, taking the brunt of his attacks too. Robot fires a blast at him too late for Monster Girl. Surveying the wreckage of heroes, the remaining Guardians get a second wind and attack the group of villains. With the rest of his allies defeated and four heroes laying at his feet, Battle Beast deems this battle beneath him and leaves the fight. Robot clutches Monster Girl as she reverts to its original form. Losing his allies, Machine Head intends to leave and finds that Isotope has left his side. The supervillains have lost at a high cost, and Titan slinks away with Mark beaten on the floor.

At the community center, we see the street urchin that Martian Man was last seen eating soup with, while Amber and Eve serve food to people. Eve is impressed by Amber’s engagement with the community and is told that she creates the world she wants to live in.

GDA medics arrive at the battle site, as Cecil surveys the damages. Medics take a sample of Mark’s blood for further analysis, and he tells them to do whatever it takes to keep him alive. Machine Head is in custody and Cecil removes his precognition chip. While staring up in the sky Mark sees his father floating about him for an instant. Eve receives a call from the GDA, letting her know about Mark. Debbie receives the call about Mark as Noland arrives home.

After everyone is gone, Isotope teleports back to the penthouse, he is talking to his new boss, Titan. He is amazed that Titan got Invincible to fight for him, and the now business suit-clad Titan tells him that he told Mark the truth, that he will make the lives of many people in the city better. His wife and child arrive via the elevator.

At the GDA, Donald takes the sample of Mark’s blood to the secret lab. A scientist tells him that they have tried everything to hurt Viltrumite cells harvested from Nolan to no avail. Donald tells the scientist to keep trying.

Lingering Questions:

  • Is Machine Head a robot?
  • Does Amber suspect that Mark is Invincible?
  • Did anyone notice that the eastern seaboard was backward when Mark and Nolan were in space?
  • Whose face is on Damian’s notebook?
  • How long do things stay altered when Eve changes them?
  • Why does Mark schedule things with overlapping times?
  • Where did Battle Beast go?
  • 16Will Nolan visit Titan to have a “talk”?

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