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Kryptoyelir – Where are they now?


Apr 9, 2021
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These days we get our entertainment from primarily online sources and people have certainly started capitalizing on that. With all of the online streaming, gameplay, and avenues like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Watch we have more than a few ways to get our entertainment.

Since this is becoming the most popular medium for us to experience things I thought about featuring one channel, in particular, this week like I have done with small business makers previously. The people who create content for us to absorb and enjoy are makers too. These people put in just as much time and effort into being enjoyable to watch and interact with as someone running a small business. These YouTubers and Twitch streamers sometimes rely on the income that can come from their craft.

My feature this week is on Riley Bowman’s Youtube channel. Riley was a patron of the Tavern and also briefly worked there. He’s a personal friend of mine and I would like to shine the spotlight on his channel and big personality. He is fun and energetic to watch and listen to. Sometimes he even posts videos of his absolutely adorable doggos!

I had the opportunity to ask him some questions about the what and why of his emerging youtube channel. With quarantining and the shutdowns many people have taken to this form of media to keep busy and still have contact with the masses. Riley is one of them.

I started first by asking the obvious backstory questions. I asked how long he’s been doing this and why he wanted to venture into it. He said that during lockdown he needed a hobby, and with how much YouTube he watched, figured maybe somebody might want to watch him. So he fired up his channel in June of 2020. “I guess, one reason I do this…the filming is to bring people together. I’ve had people reach out to me about overdose, religion..sexual identities…I enjoy creating a safe environment for people to just play and not be judged. I should elaborate. While online with friends, there’s an environment of trust that builds, a trust that’s hard if not nearly impossible to have face to face, and these guys, whether they be 14 or 44, they all have problems and fears…and it may sound self-righteous but I find a peace and calling in bringing these people together”.

I wanted to know what kind of content he was putting out there for the masses’ consumption. With so many creators and channels out there to choose from What are you doing in particular? I was surprised to find out that It’s a combination of a few things. He does live streams of games he’s not played before, as well as edited highlights of games he loves, and throws in some compilations of his friends hanging out online. He’s also done collaborations with other YouTubers, including men in black cosplayers.

I also asked about how the pandemic has affected his streaming, He said it hasn’t really. Stating that, Covid has not affected my streaming at all, especially since I feel we are in the downwind hopefully. Technology is what drives a thing like this and there are several apps and services that you can use to create, upload, and stream your content. I asked what tech he uses for his process. His setup seems pretty simple but effective. Techwise, he says that he currently only uses the SHAREfactory app on the Playstation4, and every time I play with the tools I learn more fun tricks to entertain myself.

With all of us glued to our media all the time and constantly looking for new information to absorb, YouTubers and other content creators have to update constantly with new and exciting things. I asked about how often he uploads new content. He said that with a full-time job and his newly grown family that creating is harder these days. “ I try and post a new video at least once a week since I have a full-time job and kids to keep me busy”. With this busy life, I would say that he’s doing well keeping up with it. I wondered with all of the other things going on in his life how long he spends in a week working on his channel. He said that he spends about 10 or 15 hours a week on average gaming and getting the footage he wants. After the footage is recorded the editing starts and he spends a chunk of time condensing that into 1 to 3-minute videos for upload.

When I asked Riley about his favorite thing to create for his channel he said My favorite thing to post atm is my posse, The Singer Boys, it started with 7, now there are nearly 50 of us.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you play online in the Old West of the late 1800s. You can form a posse and do missions and bounties and all sorts of stuff. The Singer Boys is what I named my posse because I never stop singing. Now, what started with just him and a friend has grown into a 50+ crew of people across this country, the United Kingdom and Australia as well as the Philippines. Having a streaming channel means playing to the general public and making things available that others like to watch. He told me that the crowd favorites on his channel mirror his own.

I’d have to say the crowd favorite is The Singer Boys also. I have credits at the end of the videos that give a little shout-out to all my friends who play with me. Adding that personal touch is nice in this age of anonymity and being behind our screens.

As our future continues to scream toward more and more tech I was curious about where he would like to take this from here. What are the next steps, and if he wanted this to be a career? His very near future goal is to step up his editing program or app for phone use and branch out to more live videos outside of gaming. In regards to this becoming a full-time career, he had this to say: “I don’t want this to be a full-time thing, because if it doesn’t work out I’ll take it personally. I like it being light-hearted”.

I love that Riley is taking this all lightly. His appreciation for keeping things light and fun is not at all lost. Seeing the optimism and fun that he has with this is a very welcome change in this current landscape. Streaming is an enjoyable pastime and does bring people together. You’re inviting people into your own life and cultivating relationships that some could have problems forming in face-to-face life. Be on the lookout for more fun things from this channel! Click here to check out Kryptoyelir youtube channel.

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