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Pixelot Review


Apr 22, 2021 ,
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This game is a labor of love for a single developer, Kyle Berger, who spent 3 years creating this retro-classic RPG. It colorfully uses a retro 8-bit style to provide an homage to games like Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. This game mines hard the nostalgia for these games and succeeds wildly.

In this game, you can construct your character before you are tasked with saving the world from the darkness that is plaguing it. As you progress through the game your party expands with various classes of characters joining your army. Additionally, the game offers myriads of side quests and engaging content. The world is large and feels lived in for a game of the sort.

I played 4 hours of this game, and I seemed to complete about 40% of the game based on the requirement of gathering the stones to fight the final boss. This gameplay was engrossing and left me wanting to play it further. The dialogue of the game is smart and witty and contains a great many corny jokes. The music of the game fits the genre and is engaging otherwise.

The only issue is that the length of the name for your character is limited to 7 characters, this is too short. My name alone has 8 letters, so I can not use my name for my character, it’s not game-breaking but I would be nicer if it could be longer.

Overall I recommend this game and say if you enjoy this style of game as this is a great one. I am continuing to play it regularly and grinding my way through some tough bosses.

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