• September 26, 2022
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USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

I wanted the first drink on this menu to be just as iconic as the actual ship. What is more recognizable when you think of Star Trek than that? I felt like this drink should be just as recognizable. Something strong and commanding. Something that says space exploration blatantly. I chose a classic cocktail that Is the first one spoken about and made in the pilot of the show. Captain Pike leaves the bridge and goes into his personal quarters, he calls for the medical officer Dr. Philip Boyce. While he never said there was something ailing him, Scotty shows up with a leather medical case. He produces from the case a clear solution and drops an ice cube into it. Pike then says what are you going to treat with an ice cube? Boyce continues with; No one likes a warm martini.

●     6 oz. taster glass

●     4 drops dry vermouth

●     1 ½ oz. vodka

●     1 large ice cube

●     Add all the ingredients to glass and stir twice

Dancing Within the Stars

When Kirk refused to let the Platonians keep McCoy around as their primary-care physician in “Plato’s Stepchildren,” the mind-controlling aliens punished him and Spock — by making them dance. Crueler still, they made the Vulcan feel emotion!

This drink is sure to make anyone dance. The mind control that the aliens of this planet possessed was not naturally occurring. Dr. McCoy found the mineral Kironide in the water supply on their planet and deduced that it was the source of the powers that the Platonians had. The Platonian leader explains they “lured” the Enterprise to their planet because he required medical assistance. After being treated by Dr. McCoy, Parmen demands McCoy remain on the planet to treat other Platonists. He then forces Kirk and Spock to entertain them as punishment for not letting them have McCoy.

The Kironide Cocktail:

●     In a stemmed wine glass

●     1 oz. Raspberry vodka

●     ½ oz. Black raspberry liqueur

●     Splash sweet and sour mix

●     Fill with cherry seltzer water

●     Light ice

In “The Naked Time,” multiple crew members were infected by a “virus” from the dying planet Psi 2000. Amongst the manifested symptoms, none could touch the swashbuckling (and sweaty!) sass of an inhibition-free Sulu, who thought he was one of the three musketeers.

The cause of the inebriation in this episode was a strange red liquid that was found on an alien planet. Spock and Joe Tormolen are beamed onto a planet where they were to study and record why the planet was dying and rescue a research team. They found the team all dead under suspicious circumstances. Tormolen takes his environmental suit glove off to scratch his face and comes in contact with a red liquid. McCoy evaluates them upon returning to the ship and clears them for duty. Queue the rampant spread of the madness the red liquid brings. The effects caused lowered inhibitions and aggressive behaviors and were transmitted by touch.

●     In a margarita glass

●     2 oz. Gold tequila

●     1 oz. Lime juice

●     Splash Triple Sec

●     1 oz. Strawberry puree

●     Shake with ice and pour into a margarita glass

Double Trouble

We love a duplicitous doppelgänger tale, and “The Enemy Within” did not disappoint, “splitting” the Enterprise captain into two halves. “Evil” Kirk’s breakdown denouement gave William Shatner perhaps his most delicious meal ever as an actor, which is saying something.

In this episode, Captain Kirk is split into 2 separate people, an evil side and a good side, in a transporter malfunction. The evil side running amok on the ship, masquerading as the good half. He is finally caught and put out of commission by Spock and his famous Vulcan Nerve Pinch. This drink is sure to put anyone out.

●     Shot glass

●     Half Kraken Rum

●     Half Tuaca

In this same episode, The evil Kirk demands a bottle of Saurian Brandy from Dr. McCoy. Saurian brandy comes from a reptilian race on the planet Sauria. This drink is served in elongated glass vase-type vessels and very sweet. A standard social refreshment about starships, Saurian Brandy, works as both a diplomatic aperitif as well as when a crewman is looking to get sloshed.

●     In a brandy snifter

●     ½ oz. Caramel syrup

●     1 oz. Vanilla vodka

●     1 oz. Chocolate vodka

●     Shake with ice and strain into glass

Kirk’s Win

In Season 1’s “Arena,” a godlike species called the Metrons arranged a death match between Kirk and a reptilian Gorn, which the captain won not by killing his opponent (though he came close, by way of a MacGyvered cannon), but by showing him mercy. “You are still half-savage,” summed up the fight “promoter,” “but there is hope” for humanity.

Captain Kirk is forced into Trial by Combat after responding to a distress call. They enter an area of space patrolled by a race called the Metrons, who zealously guard their sector of space against intrusion. This drink is a two-part drink and a bit unexpected, much like Kirk’s win.

●     2 rocks glasses

●     First glass is

●     ¾ oz. Goldschlager

●     ¾ oz. Vanilla vodka

●     Second glass is

●     ¾ oz. Coffee Liqueur

●     ¾ oz. Spiced Rum

●     Drink as shots back to back

Actually, this entry is less a “moment” than “moments,” because whether Ricardo Montalbán was strong-arming a female crewmember or condescending to Kirk — “You are quite honestly inferior” — he made sure that the first impression his villain made in “Space Seed” would also last.


Khan was the first to awaken in the Enterprise’s sickbay after they found the SS Botany Bay floating in space in the year 2267. He is one of a superhuman race bred to not have the physical limitations of regular humans from the 20th century.  Khan takes advantage of the fascination that a ship historian, Marla McGivers, has with him to gain access to the ship’s engineering and tries to take it over. His attempt is thwarted and Kirk exiles him and McGivers to an uncolonized world, Ceti Alpha V. This drink might seem like it wants to be nice to you, but it’s got other plans.

●     In a pounder glass full of ice

●     1 ½ oz. Gin

●     2 Splashes Lemon Juice

●     Fill with Orange Soda

The Man Trap

This next drink is modeled after blood that was oozing out of Mr. Spock’s forehead in the first episode of the series. “The Man Trap”

The Vulcan race bleeds green. Mr Spock had green blood because the oxygen-carrying agent in Vulcan blood includes copper rather than iron, as is the case in humans. Vulcans Blood is a blended cocktail that’s a green viscous-looking slush, with a dot of red to remind you that Spock was, in fact, half-human.

●     In a Globe glass

●     1 oz. lemon vodka

●     1 oz. green melon liqueur

●     ½ oz. Sour apple liqueur

●     1 6 oz. can Pineapple juice

●     2 drops grenadine

●     In your blender, add all alcohol and pineapple juice. Fill with ice and blend on high for 35 seconds.

●     Pour mixture into your globe and drop grenadine onto the top.

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