• June 29, 2022
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Star Trek Voyager brought the franchise back to its roots whole exploring a new Quadrant. Set 70,000 light-years from the familiar Federation territory the USS Voyager and its crew must make their way home without the mighty Starfleet backing them up. The series explored this new setting relying on episodic storytelling and expanded on the lore of the Borg, even including ex-Borg on their crew. Here at the AFK Tavern, we look back at the top 10 episodes of this series.

10. Latent Image

Discovering evidence that his memory file has been altered, the Doctor starts an investigation to find out why. It is revealed that these memories refer to the death of a crew member and the Doctor felt responsible.

9. The Equinox

The crew encounters another ship in the Delta Quadrant that has been trying to return home. This ship the USS Equinox and its crew are a dark version of Voyager where the need to get home out weights their commitment to Starfleet principles.

8. Counterpoint

A militarily superior civilization puts the crew through extreme scrutiny as they are escorted through their space. These aliens suppress and detain any telepaths they find and anyone who aids them. The crew hides refugees and their telepath crew from these xenophobic aliens in this episode.

7. Blink of an Eye

Discovering a planet where time passes much faster than in the rest of the universe, the crew watch as civilization goes from the stone age to the space age through an episode. Further exacerbating the episode is that the unique features of the planet cause Voyager to be stuck in orbit, causing earthquakes on the planet below.

6. Living Witness

A backup version of the Doctor tries to unearth the truth of an encounter with an alien species 700 years later. The behavior and portrayals of the crew are hilarious and show how the corruption of time can change the version of the truth.

5. Scorpion

What is worse than dealing with the Borg? How about a species that destroys them mercilessly and builds corpse piles with their bodies. Allying themselves with the Borg to fight the threat of Species 8472, and get free passage through Borg space the crew must walk the tight rope between two dangerous foes.

4. Hope and Fear

After receiving a message from Starfleet via a Hirogen communication relay, the crew is directed to a lost Starfleet vessel, the USS Dauntless with hopes that its advanced technology can aid them on their trip home. An alien named Arturis played by Ray Wise (Robocop, Twin Peaks) aids them in obtaining the ship, or does he?

3. Message In a Bottle

The crew finds an abandoned section of the Hirogen communications network that reaches the Alpha Quadrant. Sending communications to a Starfleet ship near the other end is not possible before the ship leaves the area it is decided that sending the Doctor’s program can be done in time. The Doctor boards the USS Prometheus, a hijacked experimental starship, crawling with Romulans. Working with the EMS Mark II, played by Andy Dick (NewsRadio, Get Smart), the Doctor retakes the ship.

2. Timeless

Using the Delta Flyer as a guideship to attempt to get a quantum slipstream drive working to speed their return to the Alpha Quadrant, an accident causes the death of the entire crew save, Commander Chakotay, Ensign Kim, and the Doctor. The entourage makes it home to the alpha quadrant but endeavors to use time travel to correct the mistake and save the crew.

1. Year of Hell

A rouge Krenim scientist Annorax played by Kurtwood Smith (Robocop, That 70’s show) attempts to use a temporal weapon to change the timeline to restore the glory of the Krenim empire. What drives him is that in all his tinkering he cannot make a timeline that keeps his wife alive. This arrival of the USS Voyager puts the crew at odd with his plan, and them through hell.

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