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Whiz!Bang Nails


Apr 23, 2021
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The stay-at-home order over the past year has put some of us in a position to not be able to have the upkeep for our aesthetic. Not being able to go to a salon and pay someone else to do our upkeep has taken its toll. Some of us have worked out ways around it, and some of us have started providing the ways around it. The emergence of this service has been elevated with the introduction of this company. Whiz!Bang nails provide custom and geek-themed press-on-nails anything from subtle to blatant fandom or aesthetic representation.




This company is making it easier to do your nails in the comfort of your own home. Adora has created a company that helps us stay beautiful while still staying safe. I had the chance to ask questions about how they are running a business in the pandemic. I asked if and how COVID has affected the business. Thankfully, being an online business means it hasn’t affected much. Adora stated, “Especially since I started Whizbang as an answer to people being inside and unable to go to the salon”. This product is so much fun, and completely customizable. Making your choices almost endless. I asked them how they originally got into this industry, Adora said that the spark to do this work was a long-standing fascination with the beauty industry, but they weren’t sure where to really start until eleven years ago when Adora got into doing their own nails as a means of anti-anxiety. “Eventually I realized that I was pretty good at it and wanted to be able to help others feel good about their hands and self-expression”.

I asked how long they had been doing nails, and if this was something that they wanted to do as a career. Adora said, “I’ve been doing other people’s nails as an amateur and then professionally for about 8 years, but I started crafting and selling press-on nails after lockdowns started as a means to help people feel less hopeless”.

Is this a long-term career for you? “I certainly hope so! Nail art is my deepest passion and form of creative expression. It would be wonderful to sustain the humble level of success I’ve found so far and expand that into something that can be sustained indefinitely”.

I looked around the website and was impressed at how many styles and colors Adora was producing. There is a size chart to ensure the perfect fit and choices for lengths to fit anyone’s activity level. I was curious about how long it takes to produce a set of these beautiful press-on nails. There are a few variables in that equation. It depends on the design. The Labradorite nails and any set from the Women of Power line take about two hours. Amethyst and Malachite take about forty-five minutes to an hour. And the single-color sets take half an hour. It sounds to me like they have production down to a science and the passion is not lacking at all.


I asked Adora if they do all the work, like a one-person show. They said, “Mostly! I do all of the design work, make each set to order, run all of our social media, and have the final say on marketing and branding designs. I’m extremely lucky that my partner is a web designer and graphic artist. He did the logo, site design, and all of my instructional graphics. Having another pair of hands makes the work go faster and smoother in most cases.” Lucky for Adora, they can concentrate on cranking out beautiful products while web design is covered. That led directly to my next question. I asked about the role of technology in the business. They use tech exclusively to run this endeavor, the storefront is online only and they rely on post engagement from multiple sources of social media to get products in front of as many people as possible.
“Eventually I’d love to be able to use a laser cutter to custom craft my nail boxes, but I’m not there yet”.
I acquired a testimonial from someone I know personally, who has tried these nails and is in love with them. I wanted the artist’s opinion about what sets they love the most and what’s popular with customers.

Adora says “I feel like I should say that I love all of my children equally? But that’s not true- my favorite is the +1 Labradorite of Strength set. I worked the longest and hardest in their design and they look so stunning in natural light. All of the ones that I’ve seen are gorgeous and I was thinking about buying them myself. If you’re really gentle with removal and application they are reusable! Which is a huge selling point for me, the value is wonderful. The +1 Amethyst of Healing set is a strong customer fave. Particularly in the active length shape. After that in a tight second are custom order sets.”

When I was looking around for a maker to feature, I ran across a ton of health and beauty items and people that are venturing into selling things like this. I asked Adora how competitive this industry is and I was surprised at their response.

“Extremely, but that’s been the joy of it. Every artist is different, we all have our own styles and unique takes on technique and design, and that means there’s literally a set for everyone out there. I’m grateful that no one else has yet to offer the same kinds of art that I do and that I’ve found my little corner of the business. I hope that continues to be the case as I keep learning and getting better at what I love to do.”

It’s so nice to see something so unique in this corner of the beauty industry. These are literally for everyone and this artist is passionate about what they do. I can’t think of a better business to support. I’m going to purchase a set from them and I’ll tell you all about it. Go get your sets for summer and support the heck out of Adora and WhizBang Nails.

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