• October 1, 2022

Alcohol Review: FAIR Açai Liqueur

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Another in my many purchases based solely on the bottle, FAIR Açai Liqueur is an interesting choice. FAIR is a brand of alcohol from Ethical Wine & Spirits that seeks to be a fair trade, sustainable development producer of fine spirits. This French company has been in business since 2009 and offers many different alcohols. As to the flavoring of this liqueur, Açai is the name of the berry of the species of South American palm tree that is native to the Amazonian basin with these grape-like fruits growing in branched clusters of 500 to 900 fruits. The fruit has been part of a health food fad during the 2000s but has stayed around with its utility and potential.

The aroma of this liqueur is intoxicating. It has the sweet smell of the berries, and fruit preserves. There is also a hint of fragrance that is not too dissimilar to perfume with the alcohol notes subdued.

With regards to its flavor, this liqueur’s taste matches its smell. The overall flavor is that of berry notes with a subdued sweet flavor. There is a floral flavor that matches the perfume aroma. Once you get accustomed to that last taste this liqueur is well balanced.

Would I recommend this alcohol? Obviously yes! It has a great flavor, and I have been using it as a component in many cocktails. Additionally, the sustainability and fair trade aspects are enticing to make this an ethical choice for alcohol. I look forward to trying the other alcohols that this brand makes for future reviews or just for my testing.

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