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Alcohol Review: Foursquare Spiced Rum


May 29, 2021 ,
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From the Caribbean nation of Barbados, this spiced rum is from Foursquare Distillery. A family-owned enterprise, that dates back to the founding of a cane sugar estate in the 1640s. The Seale family has been making rum since the 1820s. This distiller is noted for its insistence on traditional methods of making rum. They decried the notion of sweetening of rum from such other distillers.

The aroma of this rum is enticing. It differs from many rums on the market with a complex bouquet. Underlying sweetness is subdued by the hints of peppermint and ginger.

With regards to flavor, it is shockingly different. The spices come through the clear flavor of the alcohol. The sweet spices and a hint of gingerbread are noticed as well. The fact that my palate is conditioned to expect a much sweeter flavor with rum this alcohol is distinct. Once you adjust your flavor expectations the complexity is very welcomed.

This rum deserves a spot on your shelves. It is different from what you think a rum should taste like, and you can treat it more like a whiskey in its use. This variability allows you to change your paradigms for cocktail creation.

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