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Alcohol Review: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey


May 17, 2021 ,
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When I was perusing the whiskey aisle this flavored whiskey stood out. I have seen many brands of this particular, however, I like most Americans have a certain affinity for the classic Jack Daniel’s. This drink is a blend of the standard Tennessee whiskey and honey liquor.

With a 35 percent alcohol by volume (70 proof) this alcohol drinks easily and finishes with a smooth mouthfeel of classic Jack Daniel’s. The aroma is a light honey with the underlying Jack Daniel’s smell under it.

Tennessee Honey is a great sipping drink and works well just served on the rocks. I placed it on the rocks and enjoyed the flavor. As it is a liquor you can use it as a replacement for other liquors.

This liquor has earned a spot in my alcohol collection. I recommend it as a sweet twist on the standard whiskeys or a complex variation on a honey liquor.

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