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Alcohol Review: Leopold’s Summer Gin


May 22, 2021 ,
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Long ago I used to be an avid drinker of gin and subscribed to the notion that the gin hangover is much better than those from other liquors. Gin and tonics were my drink as the fluoresces of the quinine in ultraviolet light is an exotic effect. However, it’s been a long time since I drank regularly despite my prior profession as a bartender. When I was looking for a gin to review I found this alcohol and was drawn it by its label. The packaging of Leopold’s Summer Gin inspires the notion of the handcrafting that was put into this spirit.

Leopold Bros. is a family-owned distillery from Denver, Colorado, that has been in operation for 22 years. This distillery is obsessive in the crafting of their products, even malting their own barley onsite. To ensure the flavors of their botanicals are not lost in the distillation process they separate them from the main alcohol. Once the botanicals and alcohols are finished distilling they are blended back together and distilled once more.

The aroma of this subtle with the power of the gin being obscuring the hints of botanicals. This is not a dig at the product as the juniper berries and alcohol should be at the forefront of the aroma.

As to its flavor, this gin is outstanding. The gin is smooth as the separate distillation process would promise. The botanicals stand out as blood orange and lemon myrtle leaf come forward.

Overall I would recommend this alcohol. The special care taken in the distillation process made this an outstanding gin. This gin has found a home in my liquor pantheon.

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