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Alcohol Review: Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey


May 20, 2021 ,
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What grabbed my attention about this alcohol was the bottle. The label drew my attention and I further examined this libation. This drink is a product from the country band, Florida Georgia Line, a fact I only found out when writing this review. It promised a blend of peach and pecan with the whiskey. At 35 percent alcohol by volume, this alcohol is a liquor.

The aroma of this concoction is heavy with a cloying sweetness. Pecan overshadows the peach but all are muted under the overwhelming smell.

In flavor, the same relationship is found. The overall flavor of sweetness masks the other flavors. The pecan can be tasted and hints of peach are present. It does have a pronounced hot alcohol flavor that you would not expect from such a low alcohol content.

While I held out hope for this particular liquor before trying it faded upon experience with it. I would not recommend it unless you have a particular affinity for sweet semi-pecan flavored liquor.

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