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Invincible Episode 6 Recap


May 1, 2021 ,
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Spoiler Warning for Episode 6 of Invincible

This episode opens on the quad of Upstate University, with three sorority women walking around late at night, with an unseen entity is watching them from the bushes. A frat guy pops out of the bushes, obviously drunk burping heavily. They ask him why he was hiding in the bushes, and he corrects them that he was drinking in the bushes. The inebriated gentleman introduces himself as “moutherfuckin’ Doug Cheston” as voiced by Justin Roiland, in a sing-song delivery. The women are unimpressed and do not recognize the name. He says his father owns Cheston Pharmaceutics and half the university. Now the women recognize his name from a story of the company price gouging life-saving drugs, and he confirms that accusations. Thinking that the conversation is going well, he attempts to invite the women into sex with him, as he will be rich soon since his father is so old. The ladies decline his offer and leave. As he is yelling about the women missing out, a person wearing medical gear injects him with a sedative.

Doug wakes up in an underground lab, an unseen person tells him to relax. The person with the medical gear tells him that he will be going through a metamorphosis, that will change him in profound ways. While in restraints, Doug makes fun of his capture for his use of flower prose, calling him a nerd. A swinging lamp illuminates the various other attempts at a metamorphosis that are in this lab, their human bodies twisted with cybernetic enhancements. This revelation freaks out Doug who tries hard to break free from his restraints, only to realize that his right hand has been removed and replaced with one of these enhancements. As he is now at full freakout, the kidnapper slices out Doug’s vocal cords, to silence him. He tells Doug not to worry about the discarded prior attempts that surround him, Doug will be different, beautiful, and invincible. The title card of the series continues to get more bloody.

At the GDA hospital, Black Samson, Invincible, and Monster Girl are rushed into operating rooms for treatment following the battle in the previous episode. The medical staff is perplexed by the vital signs of Monster Girl. As they attempt to treat her she transforms into the Monster, sending medical staff flying. Robot arrives in the operating room and tells the staff that he has studied her physiology. He insists that only he can treat her despite the objections of the staff. They acquiesce to his insistence, and he tells them that the only way to save her is to get the self-healing of the monster going. His medical treatment regime is unorthodox and requires them to gather herbal remedies.

In the next room, Samson is dying, and the medical staff is trying to shock his heart. As they elevating the electrical surges, his body starts to emanate its light. The heart monitor is showing he is alive again.

Mark is in surgery and they have him opened up to repair the damages. Nolan and Debbie arrive in the viewing gallery and Debbie is enraged at Nolan.


Mark wakes up to his mother’s voice in a hospital bed after surgery, and she hugs him. Nolan, ever stoic tells his son “I knew you would pull through.” Mark asks how long he was out for, and they tell him six days. Mark pops up to attention, as he realizes that he had plans with Amber. Eve walks into his hospital room and tells him that she is covered for him. His cover story is that he was hit by a bus. Mark asks about the other two heroes and they tell him that they are both still unconscious. Debbie reassures him that it is not his fault that they got injured.

At Monster Girl’s side, Robot sits in vigil, as Cecil watches from outside the room. Nolan approaches the Director of the GDA and inquires about the interrogation of Damien Darkblood. Nolan does not know that Cecil sent him back to Hell. Cecil lies to Nolan as he tells him that the demon has not broken. Cecil declines Nolan’s offer to get him to talk, as Nolan pushes to see if the GDA thinks that the Demon killed the Guardians. Cecil tells him that he is more interested in the motive of Damien to kill the Guardians, and he changes the subject to the battle whose aftermath they are currently observing. Nolan says that his son was not going to take on Machine Head. Cecil is amused that the all-powerful Omni-Man can not control his son.

In Amber’s room, Amber inspects the recovering Mark. He continues with the cover story as she tells him that she can not believe that she could not see him in the hospital. Amber gets up from the bed telling him that she had dumped him the night of the “Bus Accident”. He says that he had thought a lot about it since he was in the hospital. He asks since their first conversation only worked after they had a reset, that could they reset their relationship. She plays along, with him, doing the conversation before they kiss.

At school the next day, Willam is reminding Mark to look both ways when you cross the street. William reminds Mark of all the excuses that Mark has given to get out of hanging out with him. Mark says that with no school on Friday that they should hang out, but William has plans to visit a guy he met last summer at Upstate University over the weekend. Seeing the flyer for the University in the hallway, Mark asks to come with him with Amber. Mark pleads with his friend to allow it.

At his house, Mark is packing for his trip, when Eve arrives via the window. Eve wants to talk about something with Mark, but he interrupts her by thanking her for covering for him with Amber. Eve notices the packing and he fills her in on the plan. She seems dejected with him leaving, and he offers for her to come with them. Eve tells him it is okay, she does not plan on going to college. Mark is confused as her grades are better than his, and Eve tells him that volunteering with Amber made her want to do something more direct. She realized that she could use her powers for more than fighting and she can change the world by helping people. Mark agrees with her, and she says she thought he would talk her out of it. Mark realized that the Penthouse battle got some heroes injured, and now he is questioning being a hero too. He says maybe they both need a new start the superhero life. Debbie calls up from downstairs saying Amber and William are here to pick him up. Eve flys off before he can say goodbye.

His parents say goodbye, and Debbie tells him, no drinking, drugs, or sex. The latter subject embarrasses Mark intensely. They drive off, almost getting into an accident as they leave. Noland and Debbie go inside as he has a concerned look on his face.

In the car, Amber asks about the man Willam is going to meet up with, Rick. William describes him to Amber as Mark is lost in the conversation. At the Grayson house, Debbie is leaving to go get dry cleaning and something for dinner. Nolan offers to go with her, but she reminds him he is on a deadline. She asks if she was wrong, and Nolan admits that he needs to work and she coldly leaves the house. After hearing the car leave, Nolan checks on his bloody costume and finds that it is missing.

Mark and friends arrive at Upstate University, with William still talking about Rick. Mark is tired of talking about it, and says “we get it, you’re in love with the guy.” Willam despite Rick’s greatness says he is not. Rick, voiced by Jonathan Groff, arrives to greet the trio, the guys embrace as William introduces Amber and Mark. Rick offers to take their bags as he leads them to his dorm, and the trior admires his butt as he walks away.

At Eve’s parent’s house, Eve has packed up her things. Her mother is confused about why her daughter is moving out, and her father is angry about it. Using her powers she changes the door into a wall to prevent him from coming outside. Ever tells her mother that she needs a fresh start. Her mother asks about school and college, but Eve reassures her that she will graduate, and college can wait. Her dad made it around the house, and tells her he won’t stand by as she throws away her life on some “hippy-dippy bullshit.” He wants her to give up the superhero life, he is afraid it will get her killed. He says the worst day was when she got her powers, he just wants her to have a normal life. She tells him that his ideal life is ideal for him, and she leaves.

Rick takes the trio on a tour and tells them that he has arranged that they could sit in on a class with him. The group passes a campus information kiosk, featuring missing posters, including Doug Cheston. In the class, the professor is lecturing about the human heart, how the body degrades over time, and can not be extended. As a know-it-all in the lecture, DA Sinclair, voiced by Ezra Miller, chimes in with his opinion. Amber asks who that is, and Rick tells them that he is here on a genius grant, and ensures everyone knows it. Mr. Sinclair says that all human frailties are engineering problems that need to be solved. Amber calls him out for his overly dramatic speech, and his being a jerk. As Sinclair approaches, Rick gets in his face and asks him what’s his problem. Sinclair, tells him that this place is full of idiots and that other schools offered him scholarships. Rick tells him he should have taken them up on the offers. Sinclair sizes up Rick for all his positive qualities, and Williams tells him to stop complimenting him. The professor kicks him out of class and tells him he can return when he is ready to learn.

In the woods, Eve is flying, seeing a tree she likes she stops. Using her powers she crafts a treehouse for her to live in high up in the branches.

After the class, the foursome is walking through the campus. William is asking if Sinclair was checking out Rick, and Rick brushes it off as he says that DA needs friends. Mark and Amber split off to check out campus alone. They check up the sights and enjoy each other’s company. While relaxing on a bench, Mark asks her about coming to this school together. Amber reminds them that he needs to raise his GPA and apply to get into this school. Mark again asks her if they can come here together and she says yes. As he leans in to give her a kiss, Rick and Willam arrive. As if on cue a small explosion goes off behind the bench. A cyborg emerges from a hole in the ground and seems confused as it terrorizes the campus. Amber tries to clear the people from the area. The cyborg tosses a van a cross of the quad, and a bench. The foursome attempts to evacuate people when Rick is grabbed by the Cyborg, and William tries to distract it by throwing soda at it. Ricks is tossed aside and the cyborg attacks William. Mark seeing that his friend is in trouble disappears, and Invincible arrives to stop the cyborg. Seeing Invicinble up close, William realizes that he is Mark, and runs away at the insistence of his friend. The cyborg despite not flying is quite evenly matched for Invincible, only by ripping off the face shield does Mark get released from his clutches. The cyborg upon seeing his mutilated face in the reflection of a pool of water is appalled and impales himself on a nearby sundial. William is freaking out that Mark is Invincible when Mark tells him to keep his identity secret. As Invincible departs Amber and Rick arrive to check in with William. Rick thanks William for saving his life and Mark arrives telling them the cops are on their way. Amber is pissed at Mark for leaving them with the rampaging cyborg. Since Mark did not tell Amber that he is a superhero there is no excuse for his disappearance. She tells him that Eve was wrong for standing up for him, she was wrong for taking him back and she leaves crying.

DA Sinclair surveys the damages his cyborg did when it escaped. Seeing Rick at the scene, he selects his next target for metamorphosis.

Back at her tree fort, Eve is looking at her phone to see how she can help the world, and fly off to make the world she wants to see.

At the GDA hospital, Monster Girl is still unconscious, as some doctors look over her charts. They are concerned as a barely functioning Robot busts into the room to deliver a flower. Another Robot tells the doctors that her numbers are normal as she has a curse, not a disease. A specific molecule in the flower should help her survive, and he gives it to the doctors. The Robot returns to his vigil by Monster Girl’s side. Samson is awake and asks how a machine cares for a person. Robot says he is programmed to care for all humans, and Samson disagrees.

Debbie and Art examine Nolan’s bloody suit at his secret shop, and he gives her the report of his finding. Art shows her that he fought with the Guardians, and he struck first. Debbie tells him not to tell anyone, and Art responds that he is “too scared to tell anyone.” Above the store Nolan watches, knowing that Debbie is talking to Art.

At Rick’s dorm room, Amber is still mad and tells Mark that she will not be sharing a room with him. Locking herself in Rick’s bedroom, the chipper college student makes the best of it and leaves to go get beer for everyone. Amber leaves the bedroom to go take a shower. Now that they are alone, William freaks out about Mark being Invincible.

On her world betterment tour, Eve flies over a forest fire, extinguishes the flames, and regrows the forest. At the site of a rockslide, she saves two hikers. In a drought-stricken vineyard, Eve regrows the grapes.

At the Mauler Twin’s Lab, Robot inspects their progress on his Rex clone. The twins want to know what the clone is for and whose DNA did the machine use. Robot tells them that they do not need to know, and the twins threaten to ruin their work. The machine reminds them that payment will be rendered after completion of their work, not before it is done, and departs the lab. Alone again the Maulers decide that they do not trust Robot, think they need insurance that requires a shovel.

William bugs Mark about the details of his superhero’s life. After pestering, Mark takes him on a quick flight and asks to wear his suit. After her shower, Amber is spooked by Kyle a frat brother who is inviting people to their house party. Rick is returning to the dorm with the beer and video chatting with William when the video is interrupted. William burst into the room to solicit getting Mark’s help to find Rick. Mark thinks he needs to find Amber and is fearful that his help will only hurt people, after the battle of the penthouse. William is worried that it could be another cyborg attack but Mark is dismissive. Mark leaves to find Amber and tells William to call him if he can not find him.

At the GDA hospital, Samson tells Robot that he feels much better, even better than before he lost his powers. Robot tells him to return to Guardians HQ and he will continue his vigil. While touching her head she awakes, with a fright. Her first question is whether they won, and Robot tells her they did. She asks about the rest of the team, and he assuages her fears. Robot tells her that her recovery was not easy and he never left her side.

Art closes up his shop when he is surprised by Nolan, who brings beer for the two of them.

Amber arrives at the frat party, as Mark is searching for the location. William finds Rick’s broken phone and his shoe near a manhole cover. Kyle finds Amber at the party and strikes up a conversation. Williams goes underground to look for Rick and explores the sewer tunnels.

Art and Nolan share beers on the roof of his shop and reminisce about the superhero game. Nolan thinks Art is nervous, but the tailor just says he is tired. Nolan launches into a soliloquy about how things fall apart as he stares into the sky. Nolan says that he just swung by to ensure their partnership is strong.

At the party, Mark arrives and finds Amber and Kyle talking. At the worst time, he receives a call from William. In the background of the garbled video call, a cyborg can be seen, and Mark leaves the party. A cyborg brings William back to DA Sinclair’s lab, and he asks what happened to Rick. The scientist, tells him that it will be the same thing that will happen to him.

Mark loos around the campus and heads down through the tunnel that the cyborg made earlier in the day. Once underground, Mark finds the cyborgs as three of them attack him. The battle brings him into the lab, and William tells Mark that Sinclair is creating the cyborgs. Mark tries to remove the visor to neutralize the cyborgs but Sinclair has removed the emotional parts of the cyborg’s brains. One of the cyborgs is Rick but under the control of Sinclair. The cyborgs are more than a match for Invincible, and they restrain him. William breaks through the conditioning that Sinclair did to Rick, and he helps Mark neutralize the other two cyborgs. Once William is free he attacks Sinclair but the scientist gets away. Mark catches up with him and just slaps him hard enough to dislodge his jaw. Eventually, the GDA arrives to clean up the situation. Mark apologies to Cecil for hurting Sinclair so badly, but Cecil tells him he would have done the same. Mark asks what will happen to Sinclair, and Cecil will lock him up but is impress by the cyborgs as they could beat up Mark. He says that try to fix the cyborgs, and they should go home.

Mark and William arrive at Rick’s dorm room, and Amber is asleep in Rick’s room. Eve returns home exhausted but fulfilled.

At the Grayson household, Debbie is drinking wine, when Nolan returns. Once he enters she has only one question for him, why. Nolan tries to be coy, and lie to her. She tells him that she knows he killed them. Nolan tries to dismiss it as she is drunk and they will talk about it in the morning. She flings the bottle at him and tells him “fuck you” as she storms off to bed. Nolan crushes the bottle in his hand and punches a hole through the wall. He sits down in the recliner to think.

In a fenced-off area Matt, the security guard Steve’s son, and another teen are digging up the grave of the Immortal. The other teen says that drinking Schnapps from the skull of the Immortal will give them his powers. Matt says it is just a rumor, and the other kid says he saw it on Reddit. The Mauler Twins arrive to tell the teens that they can not believe everything you read on the internet.

Lingering Questions:

  • What was the light that Black Samson emitted?
  • Wouldn’t the neighbors notice all the flying in and out of the Grayson household?
  • Is Nolan an author?
  • What time of year is it?
  • Doesn’t Amber realize that Mark and Invincible are never in the same place?

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