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Invincible Episode 7 Recap


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Spoiler Warning for Invincible Episode 7

Debbie wakes up alone in bed, heads downstairs, and sees the hole Nolan left in the wall. As she gets to the first floor, she sees Nolan standing at the backdoor staring out into the yard, his bloody costume still on the kitchen counter. As Debbie approaches Nolan her reflection becomes visible in the sliding glass door. Nolan’s eyes move to his wife’s reflection.

Out in the country, Amber, Mark, and William are heading south in the latter’s car. Mark attempts to explain what happened and Amber turns up the radio to drown him out. Dejectedly Mark slumps back in the back seat of the car.

At her treehouse, Eve uses her powers to brew some coffee as she lays in bed. She gets up out of bed still wearing her costume and uses her powers to clean herself and the suit. Drinking her coffee, Eve browses social media to look at the impact her work yesterday yielded. Feeling good about herself she flies to the roof and drinks her coffee while watching the dawn of a new day.

Back at the Grayson household, Debbie sits staring at the bloody costume. She asks Nolan “Why did you keep it?” Nolan says he used it to frame Damien Darkblood and perhaps wanted her to find it. Debbie is still mad and wants the truth out of Nolan. She asks questions to see if her husband of 20 years was under someone else’s control when he killed the Guardians of the Globe. Nolan tells him that he was in control and that she needs to trust him. With that trust, everything will be okay with her and Mark. She asks “how can I trust you?” as he killed their friends. She is incensed that he is still lying to her. Without Nolan being more forthcoming, Debbie tells him to leave. Throwing the bloody suit at him, she screams “get out of my house!” Nolan ominously says we will talk later, and fly through the roof of the house leaving a hole there. NOw alone, Debbie tries to call Mark and gets his voicemail, telling anyone trying to leave a message to text him. The distraught Debbie starts to leave a message when GDA soldiers turn visible all around her. Donald comes into the room and tells her she has to come with them.

William drops off Amber at her house, and Mark gets out of the car to try and talk to her. He tries to apologize. Thinking he only has one option to get himself out of trouble, he attempts to tell her that he is Invincible, only to receive a closed-door to the face. As Amber enters her bedroom the window is open, and Invincible flies into the room. He takes off his mask and says that him being a superhero is why he is such a shitty boyfriend while picking up the Mars rock he brought to her. Amber is unfazed by the admission of Mark, she says that she figured it out weeks ago. Mark is confused about why they are fighting and Amber tells him that he made her feel stupid and unimportant. She tells him to go as the admission of his secret identity is not enough to save their relationship.

Monster Girl comes back to an empty Guardians Headquarters, irritated by the lack of anyone here to welcome her back. Rex launches an indoor fireworks display as the rest of the team surprises her for her return. In his usual asshole fashion, Rex tells her that he was tired of hanging out with the team and it’s time to start partying. Monster Girl points out that it’s 10 AM. Knowing that they can die at any time, so they can drink at any time, and hands out cartons of milk with Monster Girl on them. It turns out Rex took the time to dump out milk in these cartons, and replace them with Beer. Samson is astonished that Rex is so productive on such trivial tasks. Monster Girl then questions how she had a hard recovery, and Samson got his powers back. To which Samson replies, it’s karma for dealing with Rex. Robot tells Monster Girl he is delighted that she healed, and she says without him she would not be alive. In a heartfelt moment, Robot tells her that he would never let her die, but the die is stuck in a loop. Everyone freezes as the mood in the room changes. Robot apologizes to the team for the glitch and says that it will be fixed permanently. Rex points out that it was creepy and then launches into a story about Robot being creepy.

At the Mauler Lab, a garbage truck drives up to the facility, it is greeted by the twins with large weapons. They order the driver of the truck out of the vehicle, but it turns out to be a hologram when they inspect it. From the back of the truck Robot and a malformed human in a tank emerge from the vehicle. The twins are shocked and inquire what is in the tank. Robot tells them they can answer that on their own. The Maulers realize that the person in the tank is the real Robot. They realize that they have built a new body for the unseen puppet master. Robot inspects the clone and declares it perfect. He does point out all of the booby traps they placed in the body, tells them to remove them, add a neural link, and they can have their payment. The payment they will receive is a GDA control collar. The Twins ask for a bit of trust from Robot, and he destroys his drone, saying he is helpless. The Twins doubt his helplessness but go on to do the work for their payment.

Willam and Mark are at Burger Mart talking about the fallout of their trip. Mark reassure William that Cecil’s team will help Rick. William points out that had Mark helped initially, Rick might have been ok. Willam says that because he is a superhero, Mark says he is no longer a superhero, because of the negative effects it has on his life. Mark breaks down and says he should have listened to his Dad and tells William his father is Omni-Man. Willam tells him to get over his bullshit and lists all the positive things he has in his life but points out he was a terrible boyfriend. Mark does not take that well, since he just got dumped. However, William points out he was dumped weeks ago and just did not notice it. Mark leaves the car, looking for someone else to confide in.

Debbie follows Donald in the bowls of the GDA. to end up in the control center with Cecil. She tells him about Nolan killing the other heroes. Cecil admits to knowing that is slapped by Debbie. She is angry at being left in the dark but Cecil needed to not let Nolan know he still suspected him until they figured out why he killed them. The GDA has been trying to figure out a way to stop him but they can not. He says that only Mark could perhaps fight Nolan and win. Despite her opposition, Cecil asks “where is Mark, where is Invincible.” The title card of the show continues to get more bloody.

Above Mt. Everest Nolan practices talking to Mark and admitting to killing the Guardians. He says he did not want to do it but it was his responsibility. Nolan promises the next thing he tells him will change everything. He stops with his speech and dashes off to find his son.

The Mauler Twins work to free Robot from his Tank, and he tells them he did not design the device to be opened or drained. One of the twins asked what changed, and he said “I met someone.” The twins help the deformed man out of his tank and take him to the mind copier they use to make their clones. They warn him that this procedure will be painful, and he responds that his entire life has been painful. They warn him that this will not transfer his mind, just make a copy and they begin the procedure. Due to the abnormal brain structure, the Maulers have to improvise a solution with the machine to complete the transfer. The brain transfer device is now on fire but it worked. A copy of Robot now is in the body of the Rex clone. His first words are, “Which am I?” THe Twins point out is not just them that experience this confusion over who is the original when they copy, it was their design. The deformed version of the Robot is still alive and asks to be killed as according to plan. The new version says that we can put him back but the old version wants to die. One of the twins tears up as the touching scene, and they ask for their payment. Robot hands them over an encrypted memory stick and tells them the key is the entire text of Frankenstein. Completing the transaction, Robot tells the twins that it’s time they return to prison. The twins laugh it off before they realize he is serious. Two of the Robot drones exit from the garbage truck to deal with the twins. These drones are easily dispatched, but Robot transforms the truck into a large Robot that is much more capable.

Omni-Man returns home to look for Mark. He no longer walks around and just floats around as he searches for his son. Not finding him, he yells for Debbie. Angered Omni-Man hears something in his house. He grabs the invisible GDA soldier by its head and slams it into the floor in a spray of blood. Two other soldiers shoot at the invulnerable superhero, and he brutally dispatches three soldiers. The final one runs out of the room and is thrown out to the street. With her last breath reaches for the surveillance house across the street. Omni-Man bashes his way into the building to find Donald and two GDA workers. Rather than immediately killing them, Nolan looks at their surveillance feeds and is incensed by the spying. Donald says it was to protect his family and Nolan calls Donald a pathetic lapdog. Donald attempts to buy time for the other GDA workers to get away as he shoots Omni-Man in the face. Donald runs across the room to press some button as Nolan grabs and crushes his spine. “It’s been an honor, sir” is Donald’s last words as he blows up the surveillance house with Nolan inside.

At the GDA, Cecil says “the honor was all mine” to the sacrifice of his subordinate. Debbie is worried that they killed Nolan. Cecil says that they evacuated the neighborhood, but the bomb could only be so big, and they hope to knock him out for an hour. This is not the case, as Nolan flies off to find Mark. Debbie says she doesn’t know her husband anymore, and Cecil re-emphasizes that they have to find Mark.

In the woods, Eve is flying, reading her phone looking for her next project. Mark finds her, and she realizes that she is helping Mark today.

Robot’s giant transformer is more than a match for the Mauler Twins. Robot is insistent that they will return to prison. The Twins move around their lab and construct an improvised weapon. They take their one shot and aim at the new Robot clone. Their shot is intercepted by the transformer and Robot tells them that they can not do that trick twice. The Twins are outmatched but saved as Robot receives a call from Cecil to return to Guardians HQ, and he departs, leaving the Mauler Twins confused.

Driving through suburbia William sees Omni-Man land in front of his car. Nolan comes over to his car and asks him where Mark is. Nolan while denting the top of the car says he was supposed to drop him off an hour ago. William tells the pissed-off superhero that Mark did not like his advice on his recent dumping, and went to find Eve. William tries to tell Nolan about how Mark’s phone broke during the college attacks, but Nolan does not have the time. William tells Nolan about Eve’s treehouse in the forest and he departs.

At Guardian HQ, Cecil is yelling at the team to stay at their base until they are called to the field. Rex and Samson are wondering what is happening, they ask Robot what is happening out there but the machine seems to be inactive. The new clone Robot strolls into the room and introduces himself. He is Rudolf Conners but prefers Rudy. The Robots were merely drones, and the team is thrown off by this admission. Rex is particularly incensed by the fact that Rudy looks like a younger version of him.

In the GDA command center, they have found Invincible and Atom Eve flying with Omni-Man on an intercept course. Debbie asks if they can teleport Mark and Eve but Cecil says that it requires a wristband to work. He then issues an order to “bring the hammer down.”

Eve and Mark talk about Mark getting dumped on top of a waterfall. Mark says that Eve told him not to tell her about being a superhero, and Eve says that she also did not say to treat her like crap. Mark does not know who or what he is supposed to be and Eve tells him it took her a while to figure it out too. Mark puts his foot in his mouth with her and her new life. Eve points out that she has saved more lives since coming out to the wood than with Teen Team.

While flying along Nolan is hit by a particle beam from space. It devastates the area and leaves a large crater. The GDA is monitoring its effect as Omni-Man flies out and destroys the satellite while it is firing for a second time. The attack gives Nolan a 400 billion dollar nose bleed as noted by Cecil, and he orders the teleporter to be warmed up.

Rudy explains how he got his new body and got to Guardians HQ. Rex is still mad about being cloned, and the team thinks that it is messed up. Monster Girl realizes that he did it for her since they both are stuck in terrible situations. Rudy explains that he selected Rex as his body because he noticed that Monster Girl found him attractive. Monster Girl says that she and the team need time to process this change of Robot to Rudy. Samson breaks up the conversation to tell them he figured out what is happening, and he shows them Omni-Man’s attack on the satellite.

Eve and Mark notice the explosion of the satellite, Eve wants to check in with GDA, and Mark does not. Mark says that Eve came out to the woods to get away from this life but Eve wanted to start over but not ignore the world when it needs her. She empathizes with Mark but tells him he will feel worse if he does nothing when he could be saving lives. She flies off to find out about the explosion.

Nolan is flying along when he is hit with an energy weapon. He stops to see Cecil aiming a gun at him alone. Cecil told him that the shot was to get his attention. Nolan lunges at him but he teleports away. Cecil plays a cat and mouse game with Nolan as he tries to get information out of Nolan. Cecil just wants to know why he killed the Guardians, and he knows he has a reason. Cecil evokes Debbie’s name to try to elicit an answer to no avail. His last attempt is to ask if Mark knows about the murders. Nolans tells him that he can not stop him but Cecil tells him he can keep buying more time as he teleports away. A trio of pods arrives to surround Nolan, each with a cyborg from the previous episode. The cyborgs are surprisingly effective and do some damage to Nolan. At the GDA, Cecil tries to teleport to Eve and Mark but they are flying again. Nolan finally dispatches the cyborgs and Cecil orders Hail Mary to get ready for teleport.

At the Maul Garage, the twins work on the control collar and get the Immortal back together. Their efforts seem to be working as the dead superhero’s body seems to heal.

Nolan is flying along when a Kaiju is teleported into his path. Nolan tells the floating camera that he beat this monster beforehand. Cecil tells him through the camera drone that they removed its pain center and gave it many performance-boosting drugs. The beast immediately attacks the raging superhero.

Watching Omni-Man attack the Kaiju, the Guardians are told by Cecil not to help with the Kaiju as they are our last hope against Omni-Man. Rex points out that the remaining blood smear of the previous team on the wall is the last best hope against Omni-Man.

The Kaiju can hold Omni-Man for 5 minutes according to Cecil, but it burnt out the teleporter when it was deployed. Cecil yells at his staff to get the machine working because Omni-Man’s next target will be the GDA. Debbie realizes that Mark is with Eve again, so they should call her.

As Eve flies toward the site of the fight, Mark catches up and tells her he is here to make sure she does not get hurt. Mark sees the Kaiju attempting to eat the unconscious Omni-Man and hits the beast releasing Nolan from the beast’s grip. Debbie reaches Eve’s phone too late to talk to Mark. The two Viltrumites are more than a match for the beast and proceed to defeat it. Eve is told to head to Guardians HQ. Debbie sees her son being hurt by the monster and asks Cecil to call it off, but the Director can not as this monster is the only thing that might be able to stop Mark and Nolan.

The Mauler Twins have put the control collar on the Immortal. They are at a loss as to how to bring back the dead hero. Out of frustration one of them pounds on the chest of the body. In a flashback, we see the Immortal as a warrior with Celtic markings seeing a blue globe of light. He touches the ball of light and is imbued by its power. Next, we see him astride a horse, dressed as a knight in a feudal European setting. Next, we see him being shot as Abraham Lincoln. Another lifetime later he is clad like a superman version of the Immortal atop a building. Finally, we see him as he fights with Omni-Man, and gets his head removed by the alien. The Immortal awakes enraged and breaks out of his restraints. The Maulers try the control collar to get the resurrected hero to kill the new Guardians. Either his rage is so great or the collar does not work and he rips it off. The Immortal screams “Where is Omni-Man”, and twins raise their hands. They back away as the Immortal flies off in search of his revenge.

Mark and Nolan working together subdue the Kaiju. Mark points out that his father fought this creature before. Nolan confirms this fact and says that Cecil sent it after him. Invincible is confused and needs more explanation, but the monster is still alive. It sends Mark flying away and knocks Nolan back as well. At the GDA they notice that the Immortal is coming to get his revenge. The two fight as Mark is fighting the Kaiju. Swirling news helicopters film the fight between the two former friends. The entire planet can see the fight between Omni-Man and Immortal. The raging attacks by the Immortal are stopped by Nolan, only to find Mark in trouble. Distracted Nolan is again attacked by his former friend. Mark can use the nearby power lines to hurt the beast. As the Immortal and Omni-Man clash, the latter finds an opening and puts his fist into the other’s chest. Nolan then chops the superhero in half for the whole planet to see. Nolan approaches Mark and gives the title of the episode “we need to talk

Lingering Questions:

  • When Nolan flew off, did he fly through one of the upstairs bedrooms?
  • Wouldn’t the beer go flat after you put it into cartons?
  • Will Rick ever be ok?
  • How can it be six months since Mark was a superhero since the seasons have not changed?
  • If it’s daytime on the East Coast of the US, then it should be dark on Mt Everest.
  • Could they nuke Omni-Man?
  • Can they sew the Immortal back together?

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