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Invincible Episode 8 Recap


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Spoiler Warning for Episode 8 of Invincible

A light rain of blood falls on a field as the Immortal’s body falls to the surface. Above Mark and Noland face off. Nolans says “we need to talk” and his son sees all the blood on his father. Mark can not believe what he sees and hits him square in the jaw. Grabbing his father by the head, Mark tries to figure out if his father is being controlled. Omni-Man throws his son off of him and tells him that it is him. He is disappointed that this is the way he has to tell Mark about where he comes from.

Nolan does come from Vilturm, and they have created a perfect civilization. However, that perfection was built on a struggle that purged the weaker elements from society. They violently cleansed their people until only half remained. The remaining Viltrumites were unstoppable, and when Nolan was born Viltrum was the greatest Empire in their Galaxy. They decided to make it the only empire in their Galaxy and once Nolan was old enough he joined the war effort. A shot is shown of him and other Viltrumites attacking a planet of aliens that look like Allen the Alien. Though there was resistance, no one could stop them. As the Viltrum Empire grew, expansion eventually stopped, and A new way was forged to conquer worlds. Trusted soldiers would each be given a planet to weaken by themselves, Nolan was one of those agents, and his assignment was Earth. Once on Earth, he could not tell Debbie why he was here, but now that time is over.

After finishing this monologue, Noland tells his son that they need to get Earth ready to join the Viltrum Empire. Man is speechless, and his tear pours out of the goggles he wears. Nolan insists that this is good news as they can be who they were meant to be and live to their potential. Mark is upset that Nolan lied to him. His father insists that he could not tell him the truth until he gained his powers, and Nolan was sure. This admission only upsets Mark further, as if he did not have powers he would just be another human for Nolan to oppress. Mark tells his father that he knows he loves him and his mother. Nolan responds by pointing out that Viltrumites age much slower than humans, and it slows down as they age. According to Nolan, Mark will live for thousands of years as he is nearly full-blooded. Everyone he knows will be dead and gone before he starts to look 30 years old, according to his father. He tells Mark that this world is for the humans, but they can do their duty and help end the day-to-day misery of this planet. He admits Nolan admits that he loves Debbie but he thinks of her more as a pet. This enrages Mark even further, and he does not want to help his father enslave humanity. Mark tells Nolan that Earth is his home and he will not let his father complete his duty. The two titans square up, Nolan begins to beat his son.

Mark is no match for his father, Nolan plays a cat and mouse game with his son, to try and show him the errors of his ways. At the GDA command center, Debbie is stunned by all the admissions that Nolan made to Mark. Cecil attempts to comfort her. She pleads to Cecil to stop this fighting. A GDA technician tells the director that the two Viltrumites are headed for Chicago. Cecil orders some jets to intercept in hopes that they can distract Nolan in hopes that Mark can gain an upper hand. The new Guardians are at a loss of what they can do to help the situation, Rudy tells them they must stay put, and Samson agrees. Eve arrives at the Guardians HQ, she is brought to speed on the situation. Rudy tells the team that to survive this battle, Mark will have to be Invincible, and the title card of the show is shown.

Mar tumbles across the sky as his father pursues him. Mark pleads for his dad to change his mind on the subjugation of Earth. Two jets target Nolan, and Nolan points out how weak humans are if they have to rely on technology to do only a fraction of what they can do. Nolan says “it’s right to pity them but wrong to value them over your own kind” and tosses his son away as he takes a face full of missiles. Nolan in retribution destroys one of the jets, and its pilot falls helplessly without a parachute. Mark bravely rescues the pilot and sets him down on the ground, as the pilot thanks him. Nolan drops behind the human and crushes his head, after berating the effort used to save his meaningless life. Turning his attention to the other jet, Nolan takes off to make another example. He easily dodges the attacks of the helpless jet. Mark intercepts his father before he kills the other pilot. Mark screams “he killed him” and Nolan replies “now or in 50 years when he’s old. What difference does it make.” Nolan questioned whether seeing the human died disturbed his son and punched his son so had as to send him flying to Chicago.

Uncontrollably Mark falls to Earth in downtown Chicago. His plunge cuts through buildings and sends cars flying, killing unknown amounts of humans. He finally stops himself after bashing through an armored car to see the carnage he has caused uncontrollably. An apartment building is on the brink of collapse and Mark attempts to save a mother and her child. While holding the former’s hand the building falls on top of him. He is still alive in the rubble holding her hand and a bit of her arm. Mark is overwhelmed by the death and chaos around him when his father arrives. Mark asks why he did this, but Nolan tells him it’s Mark’s fault for being stubborn against the inevitable. Nolan questions how many more have to die before he understands his truth. His son asks if Debbie’s life is worthless, and Nolan tells him in the grand scheme of things, yes. Mark calls Nolan a liar and continues to attack him. Omni-Man takes the beating and stops the attack and tells him that he is telling his son the truth as he drives him through the street to a subway below.

The train is coming and Nolan holds his son by his head and holds a position as they shred through the oncoming train, obliterating the passengers onboard. After half the train and viscera passes, Nolan derails the train, filling the subway station with mangled wreckage. Only Nolan and Mark are untouched by this cavern of death and steel. Nolan tells his son that these humans are meaningless without them but his son insists that his father has changed. Nolan admits that he was happy on Earth but that “I’m loyal to Viltrum.”

After beating his son further, Nolan departs the subway with his son slung over his shoulder. Nolan is its that Mark listens to him, as he is done pretending to be human. NMark is turned into a flying boxing bag as Nolan beats him amongst the clouds. Nolan monologues that he should have started training him earlier, and getting him prepared for the responsibilities of being a Viltrumite. Nolan then drives his son towards the Earth.

The Guardians suit up to go save lives in Chicago, despite Rudy’s insistence that they follow Cecil’s orders

The two Veltrumites plunge into the ocean through a cruiseliner and into the seafloor. Nolan seeing his son unconscious flies them out of the water, through the ship again, and flings his son at a mountain. Once on the ground again Nolan punches his son so hard that the mountain cracks and an avalanche destroy a village below. Omni-Man searches through the rubble and finds his son, who still has a fight in him. To punish him for that insolence, he sends him flying back into the mountain and reiterates that joining the Empire will make Earth better. Mark asks what if they resist, and Nolan points out that the humans will join or die. Mark pointlessly says he will stop him, and Nolan beats him again mercilessly. He points out that 17 years is nothing, and he can start again with a new son, and knocks out two of Mark’s front teeth.

IN a flashback, Mark is playing little league baseball. Debbie is watching from the stands, while Nolan is watching from the sidelines. Debbie goes to him and he complains that he could watch the game better from above. Debbie tells him he can not do that, and he looks like a weirdo standing over here. Nolan complains that baseball is a waste of time but his soured disposition is melted away by Debbie’s insight into Mark being a way for them to feel the enthusiasm for life. Mark hits a deep drive into left field and she describes that children remind them of the joys in life, and reminds them of what life is about, she says that this is humanity. Mark is waved home and made to home plate to score. The combination of Debbie and Mark breaks Nolan from him from his sour mood. His childhood face missing teeth reminds him of his beaten and broken face.

Nolan holds back at hitting Mark anymore and lays down to consider what he has done. Seeing that his son is still breathing, he screams “Why did you make me do this? You’re fighting so you watch everyone around you die!” He screams at his son that all this world will offer will go away, and in 500 years what will he have. Mark responds “You, Dad.” This breaks Nolan of his rage, and he flies off into space with tears in his eyes.

The origin of the meme.

Helicopters arrive at the mountain to perform medical care on the injured Mark. The GDA medics are followed by Cecil and Debbie. William is still in his car as he watches the news reports of the Battle of Chicago. He is crying heavily as the news is coming in. Art is drinking in his shop as he listens to the results of the rampage of his friend. The Mauler Twins set their laboratory ablaze as the GDA took them back into custody. Amber is watching the news from her room as new drones come on with the fallout of the one-sided battle. The Guardians and Atom Eve are shown looking for survivors of the mayhem, and the news reports that Invincible nor Omni-Man have been seen since their fight in Chicago.

In the GDA hospital, Mark wakes up and finds his Mom next to him. She gives him some water and she tries to reassure and touch him. He turns away and cries. She goes into the hall to let him rest and starts to cry. Cecil stops her crying right away and he tells her that Nolan has been listed as dead in the explosion across the street. Since he died his travel books are expected to have a spike in sales, so Mark and her will be fine for the money. Cecil sends decoys to the funeral so they can lay low while Mark recovers.

The Guardians return to base exhausted lay down on the floor of their headquarters. Rex sees the blood on the wall and gets up to remove the stain. Samson attempts to stop him from cleaning up as “they haven’t earned it.” the two heroes almost come to blows. However, the rest of the team comes to action to defend Rex. With everyone together Samson relents and says “now they look like a team” and they work together to clean up their base.

At the high school, Amber passes William in the hall as both stare out at nothing, lost in memories. Debbie stays by her son’s side as he recovers from the beating of his father. Chicago is rebuilt and life returns to normal. Rex and Samson work together to train with the other Guardians to become a better team. Artworks on a suit in his shop and see a photo of him with Nolan, and he throws away the photo. At the high school, William eats his lunch alone.

Eve in her treehouse relaxes after a day of working. Amber is sad as she volunteers in the community center.

Weeks later Willam comes to the Grayson house and straightens up the mail, and packages on the porch. Eve swings by to see if he has spoken to his friend. Willam accidentally lets Eve know that Mark and Nolan are Invincible and Omni-Man. Eve admits to him that she knows as well, but either knows Mark’s fate.

Mark wakes up to Cecil giving him praise. The director tells him that he has been out for 2 weeks, but he will go home soon. Mark tells him he saw his father fly away and asks where he went. Cecil brushes the question aside and tells him to rest. Mark gets out of bed and follows Cecil for answers. The answers he seeks are contingent on whether Mark wants to be a hero anymore. Answering honestly, Mark says “I don’t know.” Cecil invites him to follow him as he takes him into a white void. The director tells him that his mother heard everything, so he does not have to talk to her about that. Mark is angry but Cecil tells him that she knew about the murders. Both he and Debbie hoped that there was a good reason for it, so she needed to know everything he told his son. Mark asks about the void room and Cecil has the lights turned on. The room is a gigantic lab filled with researchers and projects. Weapons to cut through rocks. Testing on alien materials. The Immortal being brought back from the dead again. Cecil turns off the lights after Mark sees the work being done. Cecil explains that tap water contains a chemical that causes people to not see certain frequencies of light, and that is what they use in the white room. The director tells Mark that they monitored his father leaving Earth and that he is not going nearby in the galaxy, so Earth needs a new defender. Mark says no to the offer, and Cecil tells him that only the Guardians will be left to defend the planet. Cecil knows that it was too soon to ask him that and tells him that he should get him and his mom home first.

The remaining Graysons and Cecil arrive at the Grayson house. Cecil tells them that the GDA repaired their house, took care of the absences of Debbie and Mark, and put a gravestone for Nolan. He offers any help they need, and they say goodby to the director. Once inside the house, Debbie wants to lay down, and Mark levitates, alleviating his pain. Mark looks over the photographs and remembers the last 6 months of being Invisible, and his father. The memories devolve from the pleasant time he had at the beginning to the horrors of his last fight with his father.

Mark yells to his mom to talk about getting dinner, and she does not respond. He flies up, checks in on her, and finds her crying. Rather than confront her he sat on the stairs thinking. Amber rings the doorbell, greets Mark with a hug and a kiss. Mark is put off by this change and asks if they are a thing again. She says if he wants, and tells him that she was not the only person being lied to as she tells him she figured out that his father was Omni-Man. Amber asks him if he wants to talk about it, and he says yes. Another doorbell as Willam and Eve show up too. Mark tells them all that they know about Omni-Man and he says that they should go out.

In his lair Art drinks while thinking about Nolan, and Debbie shows up. He asks how he can help her, and she needs to talk to someone about what happened with Nolan. She can not believe that she was lied to for 20 years, but still wishes he would come back. Art agrees with the sentiment, finishes his drink, and pours a drink for Debbie.

At Burger Mart, Mark and his friend are discussing the situation. They all are sympathetic to his situation. Mark asks for them to change the subject but they are at a loss of a new topic. They are saved by Mark getting a phone call from Cecil, and he excuses himself to talk. Cecil tells him that someone is flying towards Earth from deep space, and Mark leaves to go deal with the unknown entity. Amber is startled by the sonic boom of Mark leaving, and Eve tells the remaining two that she is Atom Eve. William confuses her with Dupli-Kate.

Mark exits the atmosphere and burns off his clothes as he goes into space. The unknown intruder is Allen the Alien, who has come with a warning that there is a Veltrumite on Earth. The Coalition of Planets says the earth is off-limits due to this fact, and Mark tells him he knows. In a reverse of their first conversation, Mark brings the alien up to speed about what happened. Allen is amazed that his dad left Earth, that is not the Viltrumite way. Allen tells him that the Viltrumites destroyed his homeworld after they rebelled, as they would rather destroy it than lose it. They converse about the situation, and Allen tells him that the Coalition of Planets is trying to organize to stop the Viltrumite Empire. The fact that his father left is important to the Coalition. Invincible offers to help the Coalition, and feels relieved that there are more people out there dealing with this threat. Allen breaks the bad news that now that his father is gone more Viltrumites will come for him. Mark says he will be ready for them, and Allen asks what the plan is in the meantime.

In a montage, various scenes play out. A Martian is being chased by a wave of Sequids on Mars, as the human astronaut host organizes them. The Mauler Twins are put back into prison with the guard they attacked back on duty. In their dimension, the Flaxans have rebuilt and sought a plan for their revenge on Omni-Man. Deep in the earth, an army of creatures called Magmanites kneel before Doc Seismic. Titan in his penthouse is visited by Mr. Liu who transforms into the dragon from episode 5 of the series. On an alien spacecraft, a couple of aliens are hunted by Battle Beast. Cecil deep in the GDA reviews an army of Cyborgs, that is being worked on by DA Sinclair.

Mark’s plan is to finish high school. Allen says ok but asks “What is high school?”

Lingering Questions:

  • Are there any aliens that can fight the Viltrumites effectively?
  • How many people die in the battle of Chicago?
  • What mountains can be seen from Chicago? (hint: none)
  • If it’s sunset in Chicago, where is the mountain that has the same lighting condition, and is near an ocean?
  • Do Mark’s teeth regrow, dentistry on a Veltrumite seems kinda difficult?
  • Why does no one steal the packages at the Grayson house?

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