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Makers: Jeannie’s Makeup and Photography


May 9, 2021
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This week I got to talk with Jeannie Danielson about her makeup and photography work. I’ve personally seen what she does, and it’s stunning. She has a way of capturing just the right light that makes your eyes shine like they never have before. The angles that she sees are so different from what you’re used to seeing yourself, that when you look at these shots, you wonder how you could look like that. This is phenomenal makeup and photography.

We talked about what got her into this business and what impact the pandemic has had on it. I started by asking her how long she’s been at this. She said ” I started dabbling with Makeup on a more serious focused side when I was about 15 and would practice on anyone that would hold still. So I’m giving my age away here but on the makeup end about 26 years …. As for photography, about 13 years “.

I love that her passion is still so strong after that many years. I wondered how a business that relies so heavily on being in close contact with people has fared over the past year and a half. Her reply was ” Honestly it’s been really tough. I feel so out of practice and a bit sad over it. I already have a hard time with health issues being able to shoot a lot but with the pandemic and being immunocompromised not just for myself but for everyone else I just don’t want to be a jerk and risk anything. I will say that when I can get back out and shooting when it’s safer to mingle it will be kinda like relearning all over again and that could spark some new creativity “.

That sounds pretty promising for her and I look forward to her taking shots of me one day. Since everything is online and getting yourself out there is hard to do in person or even by word of mouth these days, I wanted to know if technology has been an influence on her business.

” I love how technology is ever-changing and with it, you can constantly learn new techniques for shooting, as well as editing. The type of shots I work on fall more on the glamour side of work which is a fantasy so photo editing is a big part of my end results. I also have a deep love for fantasy and I am obsessed with composite work and that is something I really want to dive more into. Also, if it wasn’t for technology I wouldn’t have the ability to reach so many people using social platforms to keep in touch. “

This profession is an art and the people that take these photos usually have a hard time picking a favorite style. I had to ask anyway. What is your favorite style of photography to shoot? Jeannie has it pretty narrowed down though and was quick with her answer.

” I am mostly known for Swimsuit, Glamour, boudoir style photography … however I love shooting anything creative. ” She continued with, ” I love Spooky season because I get to shoot more in-depth concepts and people really get involved in the costuming and makeup props and bring the Drama of it to life. My absolute 100 % favorite though, will always fall back on shooting family photos. I feel like it lets me capture truth and happiness when a family allows you to take part in special moments with them. I have learned I am not a fan of Event photography especially weddings. It’s just too tense and unlike other photography, you can’t reschedule or reshoot it and it gives me a level of anxiety that’s not worth it. “

Jeannie is not just a point-and-click type of photographer though. She also does an amazing makeup artist. I asked her about what made her decide on pro makeup. Jeannie said, ” So I was bit by the Makeup bug thanks to watching the director’s Cut of Clive Barker’s Movie NightBreed. At the end of the movie, they showed how they created all of the characters and I was in love. ” She continued with ” So I started checking out every book at the library that I could find on all kinds of Makeup techniques and styles and practicing on myself, and anyone who would hold still. I also dabbled in the modeling world myself and being able to do my own makeup saved a lot of time and money. This led to me being hired by photographers to do other models’ makeup for shoots and when I became pregnant with my daughter it became my full-time income because I wasn’t modeling anymore. “

When it comes to asking a makeup artist what they usually like the best when doing makeup, you’ll hear, wedding style. It’s formal, camera-ready, and very matchy. This is what Jeannie herself likes. ” I have mostly been hired to do wedding makeup, glamour makeup, and basic editorial fashion makeup. I can however do character makeup, Avante Garde, and a little special FX makeup as well. “

Location, Location, Location! She also told me where she liked best for taking pictures. “Rattlesnake lake in North Bend…and it’s of a specific tree. It’s my happy place and helps my soul kinda reset from life. Outside of that …Beaches and lakes tend to be my spots. I just love the aesthetic of water and the nature surrounding it. “

I was curious about the future of her business and what she was maybe looking forward to after covid. She said, ” It’s always been more of a side hobby that I can sometimes make money off as a side hustle. I go back and forth on if I would want to depend on it as a job. I love photography, I love makeup and I just love being able to express myself while making others feel great. Sometimes when your art is no longer your outlet and is your job it can take away from the freedom and joy it brings you. “

” I started learning photography as a way to document my makeup work because I wasn’t happy with the photos I got of my work from others but then when I realized how much it was therapy for myself and others it has become something more for me. My whole life I have always looked at others and really saw beauty in them that they couldn’t always see on their own and helping someone see themselves in a positive light and fall in love with themselves is something I can’t really put a price on. So it’s hard to figure out what to say when someone asks how much do you charge? I tend to undersell myself all the time .”

Sites you can see Jennie’s work at these sites.


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