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Makers: Kayli’s Nails


May 12, 2021
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This week I interviewed my friend Kayli McClusky. Kayli makes us feel beautiful with her beautiful specialty acrylic nails. This woman is so talented. She hand draws her designs, crafts 3D baubles, and takes your style seriously. We talked about how much she loves what she does and why. 

I started by asking how long she had been into doing this. She said it’s been a little over a year of physically doing this work and ventured into it because of the toll that rheumatic arthritis has taken on her. Her previous occupation was hairstylist and standing that long became too much. “ Doing hair had become more and more difficult so I needed to find another passion. As I went about it I ended up oddly falling in love with it “.

I asked her about what’s been going on with business since the pandemic hit. She has used it to her advantage. She replied “ The pandemic did hinder business at first since I started when the pandemic first hit, but as time went on it allowed me the freedom to really dedicate myself to improving my skills. In the end, it was a blessing.“

We also talked about what styles Kayli likes to create for her clients. She’s certainly been busy creating gorgeous individual sets for them. On what she likes to do, she said, “I’ve only been interested in doing specialty nails because I wanted to stand out! I take pride in the work I’ve put in for my art and I love the recognition I get for it “.

Kayli is enthusiastic about making your perfect set. She has a wide variety of styles and colors posted for all to see. When I asked about her styles she gave me a huge range.

“ I do any style of nails from soft glam for my basic beauties to crazy Rick and Morty sets for my artistic ladies to big glam crystals for the boujee babes! “

I asked her if she had a preferred style that she loves doing particularly. “ I personally have no preference on a style! I just prefer my clients to be in love with their nails and that’s honestly what drives me! “

When I asked about the use of technology in her business she said that she uses it as a tool to become better at her craft. YouTube and TikTok are great tools for seeing the newest trends and sparking inspiration. The available tutorials have been immensely helpful, especially with not being able for so long to be in a classroom or learn from someone face to face.

9I was also curious to see if she was a traveling aesthetician. She told me, “ I do not offer travel, unfortunately, but that’s because I have over 100 different gel polish options and over 160 different acrylic options let alone the foils, stickers, decals, crystals, and more! “

This is Kayli’s full-time career now and I look forward to seeing what else she comes up with. The possibilities are pretty much endless. She is currently booking clients and scheduling through her Facebook page.


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