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Alcohol Review: MontBlanc Vodka


May 26, 2021 ,
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Once again I am a sucker for a nice-looking bottle and I picked up the bottle as a lark. This French vodka is flavored with lavender and citrus and is relatively unknown in the states. According to their website, this vodka goes through a 5 step distillation process and is supposed to evoke the freshness of the French Alps.

The aroma of this vodka is impressive. Fruit notes are apparent and present. Very subtle hints of pear are noticeable under a heady concoction of citrus aromas. Overall the alcohol subdued due to the distillation process.

With regards to the flavor, it’s equally impressive. It is a smooth drinking vodka with no harshness in the flavor. The citrus finish is a great compliment to the elegant vodka.

I would recommend this vodka for consumption. It is a very high-quality vodka and the additional flavor is not dominating like those found in flavored vodkas. Just serving this vodka on ice with a twist of lemon will make a great emergency cocktail.

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