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My Vaccine Story


May 15, 2021
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Once the vaccinations were available to the general public it became a race to get the shot in my mind. I tried unsuccessfully to get a scheduled dose for two weeks before I was able to book an appointment at the Edmonds Community College site. Once signed up I waited the week to receive my first shot.

This site was built around being a drive-through site. The facility was utilizing the eastern parking lot of the college and was turned into a large course that you drive through. Once there the wonderful and friendly staff signed you and you drive to the tents where the shot is administered. After you are given the shot you drive to the waiting line, where another staff member monitors the cars in case of a bad reaction. Once 15 minutes pass you are free to leave. This whole setup was remarkably streamlined and smooth. From the entrance to leaving took only 45 minutes. Outside of a sore arm and one day of flu-like malaise I had no side effects.

My vaccine was the Moderna Vaccine so I had to wait 4 weeks until I could get my next shot. I scheduled my final shot for Monday, May 10th. Once again I braved getting into my car running the gauntlet.

It was again the same routine, with a wonderful experience. I wound my way around the site and receive my second shot. The staff there this time emplored me to talk to anyone I could to get the vaccine. It seems that vaccination rates are going down and the site is now accepting drive-ups without appointments. I went home and celebrated the second dose. I had another sore arm and some body-aches for a day. Otherwise, it was a painless experience.

Please to you that if you have not gotten your vaccine, to get it. It’s very simple to get, and free. Once you have it the worry of getting sick with this disease or getting another sick is alleviated. If you need more information on where you can get the vaccines I have added the link to Snohomish County at the bottom of this article.


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