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Quarantine TV


May 10, 2021
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During the depth of the Quarantine, I have found it a bit more soothing lately to think of a simpler time. When television was a luxury and not something to keep me company. Back to the times when a show could make me laugh and wonder whose life is really like this? Now I use television as a way to pass the endless hours that I can’t be around people and the only interaction is talking about what we are watching on social media. This list is made up of the shows that I watch to remind me of those days and, are so watched and re-watched that they often put me to sleep remembering when things were comfortable and hopes for the end of this nightmare.

Amy Poehler is the forever optimist that never gives up, Leslie Knope. Her zany ideas about how to make her town and the people around her safe and happy usually don’t go to plan, but it’s the thought that counts, right? This show is gold and always makes me laugh. It’s a great background show. Putting this on never fails to lull me into the thought that somewhere, out there things might get better.

This is a reality game show that showcases a new group of tattoo artists every season. The artwork from most of these individuals is their own and they are faced with different tattooing challenges every episode. I love the way the judges are no-nonsense and direct about their criticisms. It’s brainless television and the theme is evident throughout. I think it’s the tattoo machines buzzing that puts me to sleep.

In my opinion, there is no better way to fall asleep than watching the ocean episodes. The beautiful scenery and the calming sounds are instant Ambien for me. Being transported to the depths, where it feels like nothing can touch you and land is a distant memory. It helps that David Attenborough is the narrator. His voice is buttery smooth and a comfortable thing for me.

This show is one of my absolute favorites to go back to. It is quirky, witty, and relatable. The main character is Jessica Day, an elementary school teacher that is forced to find a new place to live after she catches her boyfriend in the act. She answers an ad for a roommate wanted, and hilarity ensues. The group that she ends up living with is a trio of men that have a lot to learn about women and household chores.

All of these series are just easy to watch and enjoy at your own pace. Since we all have so much time on our hands these days, and insomnia has become a problem for some of us it is nice to have these shows to put us out. Sometimes having a sitcom running in the background makes me think that there are still people around and that in itself is comforting for the time being.

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