• October 1, 2022

Tavern Loot Boxes

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We are selling some of the things that AFK has amassed over the years. If you were ever in the tavern, you know how much stuff we had in there. This is your opportunity to grab yourself a piece of that. If you didn’t get the chance to say your goodbyes and maybe get your hands on a piece of our legacy, here it is. Presented to you in a cardboard box which could include games, memorabilia, plates, knick-knacks, or even glassware. When we shut down, everything went into storage and it’s just sitting collecting dust. We would like to allow you to buy some of it from us.

I can not guarantee what’s in the box, it’s kind of a Loot Box situation, just with stuff from AFK. I asked Donald, the curator of these boxes, what we could expect. He said ” So, we can just do a grab box that is like $100-$200 that would be about that value in games from the tavern, with some random nick nacks and things from the tavern thrown in.” It sounds like a great deal and fun. I know that some of those games were Kickstarter exclusives and things that people gave us that only we had. Limited edition games, and stuff that had never been opened up.

I was also curious about maybe having a broader price range for the mystery boxes. Some of us do not have the means to just drop a pile of cash on an unseen box. For us that can put together $50 for a box, we have that option too. I asked him about shipping these too, He did say that he will ship at the buyers’ cost. Out of my own curiosity, I asked if the box was customizable. He told me,  ” For now it is random, but it’s going to be fun and mysterious.” You can order one of these boxes for locals only, by emailing the tavern on the Facebook page or Discord.



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