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Star Wars Planets of the Sequel Trilogy


May 9, 2021
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Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens


The adopted home of the scavenger Rey this planet was the site of the Battle of Jakku which ended the Galactic Civil War. This battle transformed an otherwise unremarkable desert world, into a hotspot for scavenging the spoils of the wrecked starships. An isolated world, Jakku once had forests and oceans before an unknown calamity changed the planet to its desert appearance.


Once just a snow-covered planet in the Unknown regions, this planet was used by the Jedi to gather kyber crystals for the creation of lightsabers. When the Jedi Order was destroyed, the Empire took to mining this planet for its crystals as they are critical components to the superlaser systems of the Death Stars. The large trench was part of this strip mining and was converted to the infrastructure of the superweapon that would become Starkiller Base.


Located on the hyperspace routes between the Inner and Outer Rim this lush world spotted with small latkes was an ideal stop for fugitives, smugglers, and explorers. Once a battleground between Jedi and Sith forces, a castle was erected on the spot of this clash. Maz Kanata was the current owner of this castle during the sequel trilogy.

Hosnian Prime

Chosen as the capital of the New Republic to gather more support by cementing the idea that this new incision would be less Core focused. This planet housed the Galatic Senate and other institutions for the fledgling republic. As it was felt to be illegitimate by the New Order, it was targeted and destroyed by the first strike by Starkiller Base.


This small verdant planet in the Outer Rim has used a base for the paramilitary Resistance. From this location, the Resistance planned their attack on Starkiller Base. Long ago this planet had hosted a civilization but by the time of the sequel trilogy, one ruins remained.


In the final scenes of this film, Rey and Chewbacca travel to this planet to find Luke Skywalker. This planet is primarily an ocean world with many rocky island archipelagos. The fauna shown in the films consisted of sea birds and aquatic mammals.


As the base of operations for the Resistance, it was attacked by New Order following the destruction of Starkiller Base. These rebels had to evacuate the planet and take to space with the New Order following them.


Much of the exchanges that occurred between Rey and Luke took place on this world. One of the islands is home to the first Jedi Temple and contains many relics of the order.


Another desert world is located in the Corporate Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. This planet’s major claim to fame was the casino city of the Canto Bight. Finn, Rose Tico, and BB-8 traveled to the casino to recruit the aid of the Master Codebreaker.


The Resistance held out against the might of the First Order before evacuating on this world. Once an outpost for mining minerals this world was known for its red crystal soil that is covered by a layer of salt.

Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker


Kylo Ren headed to this world to find the Sith Wayfinder that would allow him to find the way to Exegol. This volcanic world was once home to Darth Vader and was rich in the dark energies of the force.


After finding the Sith Wayfinder, Kylo Ren visited this world to find Emporer Palpatine still alive with a fleet of Star Destroyers to reconquer the galaxy. This dark world is a dusty desert, that was once a bastion of the Sith.

Ajan Kloss

This jungle moon served as a base of operation for the Resistance to launch their effort to find Exegol. Much like Dagobah, this planet was a verdant world, teeming with life. It orbited a gas giant that provided much illumination in reflected light.


Hosting a once every 42 years party, this planet was visited to find a dagger that would lead to the Emporer’s Wayfinder. This desert world is populated with Aki-Aki who rejected post starflight technologies.


This planet was a mountainous planet with a frigid climate. It was a largely lawless world filled that was destroyed by a Xysteon-class Star Destroyer.

Kef Bir

Another of the moons of Endor, this planet was a water world, also known as the Ocean Moon of Endor. This world was home to large amounts of debris from the second Death Star. Its name is from the Ewok term for the moon.


Following the defeat of the Sith Fleet at Exegol, a Star Destroyer is shown to be diving uncontrollably into the atmosphere of the gas giant. Bespin is a large gas giant that has an oxygen-rich layer that provides a habitable zone for use of floating cities. These cities are used to mine the rare tibanna gas.


After the battle of Exegol, a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer is destroyed above the forest moon. This tiny moon is home to massive forests and its indigenous teddy-bear like natives.


The sequel trilogy ends on the planet that the original trilogy started on as Rey returns to Tatooine to bury the lightsabers of the Skywalker twins. This desert world is shown with its two suns setting on the Skywalker saga.

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