• October 1, 2022
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Price: $9.99
Developer: Over The Moon
Publisher: Over The Moon
Platform: Linux / PC (Microsoft Windows) / Mac / Wii U / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

One of the many games the EPIC Games store used to try and buy our love with The Fall, a side-scrolling platform game, from Canadian independent developer Over the Moon. In this game you that the role of ARID, an artificial intelligence onboard a mark-7 combat suit. Your pilot in the suit is unconscious and in need of medical treatment. You explore a derelict industrial facility and seek help from a fellow AI, known as the Administrator. Throughout the game, you are persuaded by a fellow robot known as the Caretaker, who believes you to be a malfunctioning robot in need of decommissioning.

This game relies on you to explore its environment and interact with it to obtain various items to continue the adventure. This style of game harkens back games such as Another World/Out of this World, wherewith little instruction you are dump into a game that requires you to figure out the pathway to success.

This game utilizes its sparse design with creative use of atmospheric art style. The shadows and lighting effects are used to great effect. The story of the game Is engaging and draws the player into the world.
However, this game was short, noticeably short. I completed the game in 2.75 hours, with the aid of a walkthrough to help when I got stuck, while I streamed the game. This was shockingly short for a game at this price point. As the game lack any replayability, the gameplay/price ratio is lacking. Had I not received this game for free I would be extremely disappointed.

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