• September 26, 2022

Top Ten Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Ships

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 Star Wars has produced many iconic ships in 40 years, when the franchised launched a new trilogy we had an opportunity to see more ships on the silver screen.  In this list, we look at the top 10 coolest-looking ships of the Sequel trilogy.

10. Resistance transport

This ship is a cobbled-together mongrel. Taking parts from B-Wing starfighters, this ship can deploy troops quickly, while still being able to defend itself.

9. Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought

Despite the overall fragility as demonstrated by the destruction of the Fulminatrix by a sole resistance bomber, this ship looks pretty. While other Star Destroyers of the First Order look the standard, the imperial but more look, this ship stands out as both showing its relation to past ships and staking out a bold new look.

8. The Fortitude

This YC-123B transport hauler was used to carry troops and Orbaks to attack the Steadfast during the battle of Exegol. This ship looks great for transport with its republic colors, and its complements of weapons.

7. The Ghost

The ship used by the protagonists of the Star Wars Rebels tv show made an appearance as part of the citizen’s fleet at the battle of Exegol. Despite the massive attacks of lightning, this modified VCX-100 light freighter made it through the battle.

6. Aurore-class freighter

This staple of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Rebels, is better known as Zygerrian Slave Ships. This ship shows up as part of the citizen’s fleet in a brief appearance during the battle of Exegol. Its shape harkens back to the prequels’ droid transports and gives a fresh shape to the otherwise bland kitbashing of the Sequels.

5. U-Wing

Developed for the film Rogue One this ship is a great successor to the clone gunship of the prequel trilogy. Once the wings extend it almost looks like a different ship. Ships of this type show up in the citizen’s fleet during the fight over Exegol.

4. Night buzzard

This modified Oubliette-class transport was used by the Knights of Ren as their flagship. It is a converted prison transport that was stolen by the Knights of Ren and modified for their ends. Although it looks a bit emo, it has a relatively fresh design and catches the eye.

3. The Supremacy

This mobile starbase strikes the right balance of homage and innovation, that the First Order generally does do. Too bad it was poorly served in a slow-speed chase in the Last Jedi.

2. Millennium Falcon

This ship once looked great, and if we included the Solo movie in this it would be number one. The Millennium Falcon is the greatest ship in Star Wars, the fastest rebel ship, and in the hands of a great pilot a potent weapon.

  1. Naboo Fighter

The best-looking starfighter in any Star Wars film. It appeared in the final battle of Exegol. The N-1 starfighter embodied the sleek design of Naboo and pops out in the overall crowded battlespace.

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