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Alcohol Review: George Ocean Coffee Rum


Jun 3, 2021 ,
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George Ocean Coffee Rum is one of five rum varieties made in Dallas Texas by Dynasty Spirits. The other rums include Coconut, Spiced, White, and Gold. The rum base is distilled in the West Indies with George Ocean Spiced rum using their Gold rum as a base.

I love the taste of coffee, not usually sweetened or creamy. So when I ran across this one I was skeptical of the drinkability. When I think of coffee-flavored booze, it’s usually sweet and sticky with very little to mix with. I was pleasantly surprised with this brand though.
As soon as I opened this bottle and smelled it, I was in love. This one is dangerously deceptive.

On the nose of this alcohol, it’s sweetened coffee. It doesn’t smell like a liqueur, just coffee! I tried it straight up at first and was not let down. It’s smooth and refreshing. I could start my day with this in coffee or end the night with a sipper on ice.

There is no bitter bite on the finish like some coffee flavors, and not over-sweet like a cordial. This brand has been nothing but awesome and I highly recommend their whole line.

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