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Alcohol Review: Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin


Jun 5, 2021 ,
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For starters here, I am not a gin drinker, but I do like broadening my horizons and taking it all in. While researching different alcohols for review here at the AFK Tavern, I saw this gin and thought it might be interesting and palatable enough for me. My intuition turned out to be very correct.

The first thing that I noticed about this particular bottle was the color. I love the summery pink hue of it. Upon opening this bottle I did notice the strong aroma that we are all used to from a gin. Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin is made by infusing Irish raspberries and British blackberries in Greenall’s Gin, resulting in a fruity twist on their classic recipe. The concoction is also sugar and gluten-free.

I tasted it all by itself and was pleasantly surprised to taste the berries over the strong juniper smell. This is something that I probably won’t turn my nose up at.

On the nose, it’s fresh and not as stringent as I have known other gin to be. It continues through with floral and crisp notes. On the back end, it’s very strong and the berry flavor does not linger.

I will continue to drink this gin because it has been surprisingly easy to drink straight, or mixed with a bright seltzer.

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