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Maker: Fae Productions


Jun 24, 2021
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Since we are full-on into summer I thought that I would showcase some fun activities that this particular maker has going on. Fairy Princess Lolly is her name and FAE Productions is the game. This particular maker is someone who was a regular at the tavern and was always a breath of fresh air. Her whimsy and big personality made her stand out amongst the crowd. If by some chance you haven’t met her, you might have seen some of her handy work in the Faerie Hair that she very carefully and meticulously weaved into various people’s hairs.
I wanted to show off that she is back to putting on in-person events, they have been scaled down a bit and kept small with health and safety precautions in place.

Princess Lolly is an amazing entertainer and also a creative genius. She has made this world appear to people who may not have experienced a touch of the fae life, which I think is pretty special.

I asked Princess Lolly about what her business is about and what she has going on lately. She is a maker with several irons in the fire right now and I am grateful to her for taking time out to chat with me about FAE Productions.

I started by asking about what exactly Faeries do. Her response was:

“Other than engaging in general shenanigans and mischief? We cleverly combine fantasy LARPing with pagany, hedgecraft, magical ways & folklore to produce interactive and immersive live and virtual events where hijinks, story quests, epic capers, and happenings-that-mysteriously-no-one-seems-to-know-about, occur! Some of our major events include Fairyblossom Festival Midsummer Games, Samhain Dumb Supper, Beltane Boffers & High Tea, and the all-new Applebash Harvest.”

I was curious about how long she has been at this, and immediately thought myself a little naive. I know how these things work. You don’t just magically become a faerie, Right? How long have you been a Faerie?
“Are you seriously asking a Faerie to put a time-stamp on something? Let us just say that the turnip truck didn’t pass yesterday.”

Now that people are allowed to gather in person again, and restrictions have lifted with vaccination rates going up I wanted to know if she was planning on having her big events again. I asked if the reopenings have helped.
“Indeed! Everyone is thrilled to finally get back to dressing up, outdoor gatherings, camping, and general tomfoolery.”

I’m happy that things are going back to a semblance of normalcy for the makers that rely on the in-person events. I asked how social media has impacted her business in these strange times that we have been not gathering through.

“It is rather significant considering that we host 2 YouTube shows a week (Fae News and Author Reads), as well as 2 Hedge Chronicles games a month on Discord. We rely on Patreon, Bookface, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube to really keep connected with and build our community (which you are all invited to join: tinyurl.com/FaeHedge).”

After looking through her social media I wondered if this was a one faerie show, or if she had helpers. The youtube channel alone is hard to manage with one person creating content. She has however made a success out of FAE Productions with help from other fae folk and continued support from the people that have found a home and kinship with the world that she has created. This answer is my favorite from any maker.

“Nobody in this world does anything by thems’elves. 🙂 At our biggest turnouts, when the world isn’t dealing with a pandemic, we have a few hundred – at our smallest, we have a pretty regular crew that is usually around for the online Hedge games (though, these are open to everyone). We have a great group of many Folk who all contribute a little bit here and there: many hands make a light load, as the saying goes.”

I asked about plans for this summer and apparently, she’s going in both feet first.

“Fairyblossom Festival Midsummer Games is June 25-27, Homewood Suites, Vancouver, WA. After that, we will turn efforts toward our last LARP campout of the year: Applebash Harvest. In between, we will have our regular online games, gatherings, live-streams, and anything else that strikes our fancy.”

She followed with activities to keep people connected and having fun outside of the bigger events.
“We are also excited to start having Kingdom Sword Practices in July and hopefully some in-person Hedge games instead of just online.”

The following question is always my favorite to ask any maker. How do we help you continue to provide this to us? How can we get involved? I know that there are several avenues to contact her business and her Patreon is a huge help. With all of the channels and platforms, there is no way that anyone can not find her.

“The best way to support us is to simply jump in and join us. Come to our events (they are all free for basic entry), cross the Hedge, and join us in-game, and if you feel so inclined you can join the Patreon and get all the benefits and goodies whilst helping us keep our events free for all. If you want to try out a little fun in-between events, you can always pick up one of our free Quests off Patreon (publicly available) and/or tune in for our Livestreams – the more the merrier!”

Check out what it looks like to go through the hedge and see the fae at work. All of the links below will guide you to this wonderful world of hijinx, and hedgecraft.


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