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TV Review: Shadow and Bone


Jun 4, 2021 ,
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Shadow and Bone Offical Poster / Netflix

The series Shadow and Bone is based on two series of books in the Grishaverse created by American author Leigh Bardugo: her trilogy, the first of which is Shadow and Bone; and the duology that begins with Six of Crows.

Alina Starkov is the main character and a cartographer in the First Army of Ravka. She discovers that she is a Grisha, a person who can perform “small science” and has special capabilities to harness certain elements. Alina discovers that she has the ability of summoning sunlight, quite by accident. It turns out that Grisha like her do not exist and is just a myth until now. When her ability is revealed to the world, tensions arise between the nations of Ravka, Shu Han, and Fjerda all looking to make her a slave. With the mentorship of General Kirigan, a Grisha with the ability to control darkness, Alina becomes Ravka’s only hope of destroying the Shadow Fold—a region of impenetrable darkness that has stained the land for hundreds of years and split East and West Ravka. There is a great mystery of where the Fold comes from and who is created it. At the same time, a crew of thieves in the trade hub of Ketterdam known as the Crows attempt to kidnap Alina and win a fortune.

It’s impossible to know who exactly to trust when you’ve been catapulted into what seems like fame. When a tall, dark, handsome, and powerful man wants your attention, it’s hard to see what’s real. General Kirigan, is also a Grisha that is highly interested in Alina and her unique ability. Alina is not naive though, I look forward to seeing what happens with her in the next season. I hope that her reuniting with her best friend Mal turns out for the best. If there’s one thing that “Shadow and Bone” does well, it’s slow-burn romance. Alina and Mal have feelings for each other, but something always stops them from acting on them. The two characters have great chemistry together, and if the series is renewed for a second season, hopefully, more will be seen of them.
It took me a few episodes to get into this one. While the plot is a good go-to for most YA series, being predictable and rather easy to follow, the way this was shot was beautiful. The cast was attractive and varied. The characters are fun and developed well in the short first season. Perhaps the most fun and memorable characters from the show are Kaz, Inej, and Jesper. These three are characters from another book Six of Crows. This trio provides flair and comic relief to an otherwise dark show. My favorite player in this series is Jesper (Christopher William “Kit” Young) His style is wonderful and his character is unpredictable, you never really know what he will do next.

If this series continues to be produced, I will keep watching it. For now, I’ll just create drinks for some of my favorite characters.

Sun Summoner

This is a beautiful sun-drenched color that will surprise you with a dark rich flavor.

  • In a sugar-rimmed rocks glass
  • 1 oz Hazelnut liquor
  • 1 oz Vanilla vodka
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge

The Darkling

As black as his webs.

  • In a brandy snifter
  • 1 ½ oz Jagermeister
  • 1 oz Root Beer Schnapps
  • Fill Cola

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