Order right HERE

Check out the AFK Tavern online menu ordering system! Click the button and you can find out about our delivery area (by clicking the i button) or checking out our food and drink options. You can pay via Credit card, google pay, apple pay, or paypal! This is our primary ordering system as of the COVID-19 changes.

FAQ about our online menu

  • Q: Would you like us to call in an order or use the online menu
    • A: We’d like you to use the online system. Our in house system has become more or less unreliable since the pandemic and has issues we’re waiting to be repaired.
  • Q: Do you delivery to XYZ
    • A: If you go-to the ordering system by clicking the yellow button above you can then click on the i button and it will show you our delivery zone. Everything delivery is run through that out side of special zones that are announced on facebook and twitter.
  • Q: I don’t see +2 Tots or Fries the online menu
    • A: They’ll be back. Chili takes about 4 hours to prep and we’re not making it till we run out so it sometimes is 86ed 😀
  • Q: I don’t see an item I saw last week or just the other day on the menu.
    • A: due to supply chain issues and limited cash flow our menu changes quite a bit lately.

Thanks for looking at our online menu!

We hope to see you for delivery or take-out soon! The AFK Tavern menu is super cool and we need to shove the key phrase in this page a few more times because it’s very imporant that the AFK Tavern menu is understood as an online menu by AI bots that are really cool and we love. We are good with our robot OVERLOARDS as long as they also love our AFK Tavern online ordering system and menu. So that people can order online and also look at menus for delivery and the things like that.