Something Turkey THIS WAY COMES!

One of the first iconic items we ever had on a warrior night was a big chonk’n turkey leg. It was rammed into a pile of mashed potatoes and thus the legend of Turkalibur was born. It had many loyal followers of the Turkeyblade through the years. This Saturday we bring in back the most popular versions of this birdclub in their honor.

Saturday actual items (Updated Sep 19th)

Put a Turkalibur on it!

Add a turkey leg as a side to any dish! Getting a Burger? Put a Turkalibur on it! +9.99

Wyvern Wing

Look I know the (very) obvious one for years was: “call them dragon wings afk human!” but have you seen a Wyvern? I mean those look like they got some WINGS yo. Anyway one Turkalibur drenched in our house mild wing sauce or the “pretty spicy” sauce and served with ranch and fries. +12.99





A tale of Bacon and Fire

Because we couldn’t do Warrior night in all of it’s normal majesty, caps lock, swords, and grandeur. We’re doing 3 to 4 mini warrior nights each dedicated to a small sampling of what warrior night should have been this year. Our first night (Saturday) will be dedicated to our normal menu items born from the fire that is warrior night! The Baconarök and The Right Choice!!!

Our first two items are as follows:

An ode to The Baconarök

From one of our Warrior night menu it joined our regular menu not long after to replace the Muggle as the Bacon AF burger of AFK. Saturday we mod it out with something really special! A house made zesty BBQ sauce made with Bourbon, brown sugar, and bacon fat. Because BBQ for a bacon burger needs to have…more bacon in it. Because why the hell not?

The Really Right Choice


All items are available to-go and delivery as well starting Saturday at 5pm 

Next week: We’re hoping to find Turkey legs for The Legend of Turkcalibur. If not it will be Something something…meat on sticks…something something

New to join the Apocalypse menu!

Harley Quinn Drop Shot

A shot of Kinky Blue, dropped into energy drink, strawberry liquor, and a splash of cran.

Poison Ivy

Based off our poison bottle drink, sour apple, melon liquor join Botanist Gin and soda.

Launching this week. Bending drinks – Ember Island edition! Because everything needs a summer beach version and ATLAB universe is still awesome, We’ve re-did the bending drinks into their Ember Island beach fun mojito versions.

Ember Island – Air Bender

Cool lime, mint, rum, lemonade, and soda.

Ember Island – Water Bender

AFK blue, fresh lime, mint, rum and soda.

Ember Island – Earth Bender

Sour Apple, fresh lime, mint, rum, and soda.

Ember Island – Fire Bender

Strawberry liquor, fresh lime, mint, rum and soda.

This week we have done something quite new. We’ve modified our somewhat famous and insanely popular Firebat Pasta! We’ve made 3 specials mixes and we intent to make more over the next few weeks that can change up your Firebat experience and make it more personalized and special.

The Flavors

  • Anti-Vampire Garlic & Parm – Has Day drinking converted you back into a mortal and now you must ward off your once friends? Don’t worry this Firebatmix has you covered! Add some garlic punch to your pasta life!
  • Killer Tomato – Do you look at the Firebat pasta and go “this, needs to be a bit more sweet and tomatoie” then by the Void you’ve found your mix! Like a 80s mix tape the Tomato is a safe and nostalgic option.
  • Future Ranch Coolness – Listen up Ranch Heads, Ranch-fanatics, and Ranch-garbage-monsters! We’ve made you a magic mix from our house made proto-ranch-molecule we’ve made a cool AF Ranch version of Firebat. Get ready to also order a can of Mt. Dew and become a D.Va main.
  • Buffalo Bat – Filled with the magic that Dave’s Red hot brings to anything. Crank up that wonderful buff ALO flavah with this version of the Firebat! OMG!
  • Basil Lemon Justice – Coming soon
  • 2015 Hipster Sriracha – Coming soon


Due to closing at 10 now. We have forced the night drinkers into the day. Many vampires have burned already in the noble pursuit of day drinking. ☀️🍸🧛🔥🔥🔥

This is new regulation pushed on us for phase 2 that we honestly understand where it’s coming from but think is totally wrong. AFK has always been a late night place with over 1/3 of our business taking place after 10pm  so this will be quite damaging as a whole to the company. Most of our past 10pm people are just getting off work, or stopping by on their way home. So we’re asking those who can, come day drink with us and help support due to most of our late night crew being unable to.



We’ve brought back a drink series from our 2015 menu, the Last Air Bender drinks!

Water Bender

A blend of Coconut Rum, Blue Orange syrup, AFK Blu, and Soda. You can mod this into a Blood bender by subbing in pomegranate syrup.

Fire Bender

A spiced blend of Gin, peach, cranberry, bitters, and soda. You can mod this into an Explosion Bender by adding Fireball.

Earth Bender

Creamy and earthy, a coffee, chocolate, cream and mint liquor style grasshopper.

Air Bender

Tequila tops this strange clear twist on a Margarita!



Our reservation system is back online and you can use it to make reservations 24 hours ahead of time. Hooray! You can have your vary own Pod! Each Pod has positive pressure to help keep other peoples mouth fluids away from your special faces. The plastic is also very easy to clean. Here is how we clean it:


So grab a pod and come on down to the AFK, where a study has found we have zero Dexters lurking in the plastic forest.