I wish this post could be about many other things.

In February, I was composing one talking about the distillery, the new location, plans for the future, and how amazing 2020 had kicked off. I was in the process of looking for a new building to buy and starting to set down plans for the future beyond this location and keeping AFK going for a long, long time.

Regrettably, this is not that post. We put it off due to the stress of last week. But, November the 28th will be the last official day of operation of the Tavern. It’s the end of our 10 year lease, and we really couldn’t in good faith push on. We had the choice of rolling the dice now and bankrupt. Or taking our licks and having a chance to reopen in the future.

In a way, this is a triumph; we did ten years; we’re walking at the end of our lease, not going bankrupt. Physical location aside, our goal starting out was to foster a community and be a community center. We did that! We did that in spades. Cry for what we’re losing but look at what we have! One of the most amazing communities ever. Just wall to wall decent people who helped make this dream of mine reality, a place where I didn’t feel alone. Where so many of you didn’t feel alone anymore, and that is AFK, not a location, not a silly menu…that community is what has and will always be the most important aspect of this entire adventure.

To the people who’ve shown up every week to help us limp across this finish line, thank you. The gaming groups who showed up for the pods, the new friends in the bar, the every-week-take-out people, the folks who always order delivery, and the everyday regulars who never really left us. Seriously thank you. I often thank many of you in person, but it’s worth restating here. It’s been rough running the Tavern like this, and your humor, patience, and attitudes made it so I could get up and do this day after day.

But if you didn’t manage to make it in or grab some take-out, or you still don’t feel comfortable with it. We’re not going to hold in against you. We’re not ourselves right now; AFK is a ghost under the restrictions. It blocked us from all the things that made us…us…so we’re pretty much not ourselves and haven’t been since March.

We still have plans for the next year… they’re just different now. We’ll be posting theme menus you can make yourself, we’ll be running events sans location, and much more. You can check out this link if you’d like the list I’ll be going into in a separate post. There is also a Patreon if you’d like to get some drink recipes out of me. We’ll have fun with this afterlife.

Please don’t go freaking out and pointing fingers. We came to this choice here ourselves. Sure, a lot of things outside our control dragged us down here. But no bake sale, t-shirt, or event would have changed any of this. If you’re into hindsight, check out our Twitter because there has been a lot there. But this post isn’t about that, and to be frank, and I am so done being angry at things I have no control over.

In closing, here at my home, crying while typing… I’m still excited about the future. But even I will have a hole in my heart till I can walk in a place that accepts me again. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, I’ll see you all again.


Happy 10th anniversary. And it’s a bitter sweet moment for us here at AFK. I can’t explain the joy we all feel for making it 10 years, and the pain that having to limp across this marker that was suppose to be a victory lap. This is normally where I tell you about all the joy and hope I have for the future. But I can’t do that. So instead I look back at the past and tell you how proud I am to have run this place for 10 years.

The photo above is from 10 years and 2 months ago. When we had just started out. None of us knew we’d make it this far. It was just a triumph to have a real location. I can tell you it didn’t feel real. I look back at saves of my old blog from back then and I can tell you how excited and scared I was. At some point I’d like to say those emotions changed, but every day I was excited to see what would happen with our weird little bar.

I think back to all the people who walked this path with me over the last 10 years. Even when their adventures diverted I was honored to spend my time with them. I think back to the original crew and how different it is now, but how they shaped the future of AFK. They taught me so much, even if they didn’t intend to. Now I see many of them and they proudly tell me how many years they worked for me. We reminisce about the past, and I couldn’t be prouder of the paths many of them decided to take.  Words can’t really nail down how much I have loved all my staff.

It wasn’t just staff who joined in to this crazy adventure, but customers and regulars. You know who you are. The people proud to tell others they were their on the first night, or the first year, or the first Warrior Night. What menu items were secretly named after them. The first dates, reunions, best friends nights, weddings, baby showers, deck parties, LAN tournaments, and after hours movie watching. The long hours in the parking lot arguing about Marvel comics, world politics, dead languages, the best swords, and so much more. Our customers were and are the best damn people I’ve had the privilege of serving.

Some haven’t gotten to see this day, I hope we’ve done right by them. A moment should be given to those we’ve lost. The wakes, and funerals we’ve hosted throughout the years. The times we’ve cried together…the seats left empty.  Some pains still fresh. Others dull. Never leaving us.

We stand here on the edge of the unknown again, and I’m both scared and excited. So raise you glass, even if you can’t be here with us today. Join us with a mead, a shot, an Ony, beer or cider. Shout cheers, skål, Prost, kampai, another one down the hatch, or FUCK IT and drink to us. Drink to you. Drink to the fallen. Because we’re all the things that have made up AFK and we ARE fucking awesome.






Prepare yourself for these drinks: The (Pumpkin) Spice must flow!

The Basic Bitch Sandworm

Hot Cider, Fireball, and pumpkin Spice.

I am the Karenazt Hateratch

Hot coco, rum, and pumpkin spice. Take me to your…

Melange Shot

Coffee Liq, Irish cream, pumpkin mix.

What is in the box? (Drop Shot)

151 & Pumpkin Spice dropped into Gingerbeer!

Water of Life

Stolen Whiskey, Pumpkin Spice, and cream!



Due to the changes to the Phase 2 as stated by our governor.  We are now allowed to be open at 11 pm one whole extra hour of glorious AFK  is now allowed! It’s a drop of water in a desert…but it’s something.

We also are allowed to sit six people to a table now. So hooray! You can get a 6 person pod.

Not all of our staff can change their schedules on the whims of the government, so our Kitchen hours will still be last call at 9:30 till next week when we remake our schedules.


It’s spooky season! So it’s time for Garlic!!!! All these items come with adjustable

Once More With Feeling Fries

is that sound music? a togo box filled to the brim with fries covered in chopped roasted garlic and parm.

Vampire Killer

The Belmonts’ family pizza. red sauce, cheese, roasted garlic, red onions, tomatoes, and bacon

Helsing Penne

Our signature…legendary…pasta wait, it’s time for a REMIX! A special vodka cream sauce tossed with penne chopped roasted garlic with a piece of battle bread

Something Turkey THIS WAY COMES!

One of the first iconic items we ever had on a warrior night was a big chonk’n turkey leg. It was rammed into a pile of mashed potatoes and thus the legend of Turkalibur was born. It had many loyal followers of the Turkeyblade through the years. This Saturday we bring in back the most popular versions of this birdclub in their honor.

Saturday actual items (Updated Sep 19th)

Put a Turkalibur on it!

Add a turkey leg as a side to any dish! Getting a Burger? Put a Turkalibur on it! +9.99

Wyvern Wing

Look I know the (very) obvious one for years was: “call them dragon wings afk human!” but have you seen a Wyvern? I mean those look like they got some WINGS yo. Anyway one Turkalibur drenched in our house mild wing sauce or the “pretty spicy” sauce and served with ranch and fries. +12.99





A tale of Bacon and Fire

Because we couldn’t do Warrior night in all of it’s normal majesty, caps lock, swords, and grandeur. We’re doing 3 to 4 mini warrior nights each dedicated to a small sampling of what warrior night should have been this year. Our first night (Saturday) will be dedicated to our normal menu items born from the fire that is warrior night! The Baconarök and The Right Choice!!!

Our first two items are as follows:

An ode to The Baconarök

From one of our Warrior night menu it joined our regular menu not long after to replace the Muggle as the Bacon AF burger of AFK. Saturday we mod it out with something really special! A house made zesty BBQ sauce made with Bourbon, brown sugar, and bacon fat. Because BBQ for a bacon burger needs to have…more bacon in it. Because why the hell not?

The Really Right Choice


All items are available to-go and delivery as well starting Saturday at 5pm 

Next week: We’re hoping to find Turkey legs for The Legend of Turkcalibur. If not it will be Something something…meat on sticks…something something

New to join the Apocalypse menu!

Harley Quinn Drop Shot

A shot of Kinky Blue, dropped into energy drink, strawberry liquor, and a splash of cran.

Poison Ivy

Based off our poison bottle drink, sour apple, melon liquor join Botanist Gin and soda.