• April 15, 2021

Drink Book

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AFK Drink Book

Thanks to the amazing people at my Patreon I get to work on nerdy drinks and the drink history of all the AFK Drinks form the last 10 years. So enjoy the content here, and if you’d like to get more content come join everyone over on Patreon!

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The AFK Drink Book Index!

This Index links over to the AFK Drink book for as low as $1 you can get access to all your favorite AFK Drinks listed below, plus a special discord for drink related questions.

Drink Book Updates 5 times a week.

Drink Recipe Index (Does not include mini-theme menus…yet)

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Latest Public Posts


Drinks & Dragons #3

  (You might recognize some of these drinks, as this is a recovered version of the proposed 2014 D&D menu that I ended up re-writing for a reason I can’t seem to remember. But this wasn’t the first time the Dark Elf Ranger would show up in a menu before it joined the main menu […]


Star Trek: The Next Generation Drink Menu

Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show that relaunched Star Trek on television. Taking place nearly 100 years after the original series, the characters inhabit a world many generations after the first series. Bringing the production values from the movies to the small screen resulted in a 7-year arc that launched a period of television […]


Grunge Theme Menu

A Grungy Walk Through 1990s Seattle Music Do you remember when you were in high school or middle school and the trendy things were from years earlier? When I was in middle school the 70s style was huge. Bell bottoms, chunky patterns, and weird muted colors. Paisley and olive green were the way to go […]


Real Quick: Mai Pikachu

Mai Pikachu (Stemless Large Wine Glass /w ice) 1oz Clementine Vodka 1/2 oz Citron Vodka 1/2 oz Amaretto Fill Equal Parts: Sours – OJ – Lemonade Float Trader Vic’s Dark Rum Two Cherries When making this drink put in the amaretto first, then the ice, then the vodkas. After that add the OJ, then the […]


The Drink Files (A Dresden Files At home Menu)

  (This is an update of the 2019 version of this theme menu, huge thanks to my hardcore Dresden files fan friends for help on this. Enjoy this Dresden Files Theme Menu.) Nicodemus’ Favor (collins /w llight ice) 1 oz Sour Apple Syrup 2 oz lemon vodka Fill sprite Metal Coin Layer in the Sour […]


ToS Theme Menu

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) I wanted the first drink on this menu to be just as iconic as the actual ship. What is more recognizable when you think of Star Trek than that? I felt like this drink should be just as recognizable. Something strong and commanding. Something that says space exploration blatantly. I chose a […]


Voyager Theme Menu

Stranded on the other side of the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Voyager made their way home while cut off from the Federation. Dealing with all the dangers of space travel while navigating unknown space led to its problems. This drink menu is a little slice of the adventures of […]


Enterprise Theme Menu

Enterprise takes place before the birth of the Federation, but throughout the series, the seeds of the Federation are sewn. Our drink menu for Star Trek Enterprise has one drink for each of the founders of the Federation. Kumari Ale – Andorian Blue aliens with white or silver hair, hailing from an ice moon. This […]

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