Welcome to phase 2 AFK Tavern. (Updated 10/6/2020)

FIRST! We are SO excited to have you back. But this is going to be crazy if you choose to come, come with the expectation that things will be different, have patience, and be prepared for things to be in normal AFK fashion absolute chaos.
Please CALL before entering to check if we have tables.

Here is the FAQ:

Q: Am I required to wear a mask.
A: We require you to have a cloth face covering when you are in public areas in the Tavern. That includes walkways, bathrooms, and pick up/order areas. When you are in a Pod you are fine to be without a mask as we’ve designed the Pods for this.

Q: Can the cloth face covering be my shirt?
A: Sure. You can also use a hat, a coat, scarf, or the crook of your arm. Just try to reduce your spit spray all over the place. We’re trying to keep everyone safe so please be kind with this.

Q: Where do I wait for a table?
A: In your car or in the parking lot at a safe distance from people.

Q: Can I go on the smoking Deck, bar, bar tables, bar area.
A: Hell yes! We have it all open, just like normal.

Q: I’m in a pod where is my server?
A: If you’re in a Pod, you don’t have one. Think of it as Fast Casual, but less with the fast more with the casual. Slow super casual. Pods are mostly self service. If you’d like a more normal afk experience please goto the bar.

Q: I’m in the bar where is my server now?
A: AFK’s bar has been counter service for most of the life of AFK. Just walk up and say hi to the bartender. It’s okay we don’t bite, we just pour drinks and are happy to have you here.

Q: I would like to come in with 7+ people and they all need to sit together!
A: No, and I can’t stress this enough as the bane of AFK’s existence for the last 10 years is people’s inability to count. We have a max of 6 people per table. That is a hard 6, not a 6 + a couple of chairs that fit. Not a 7 because we squeezed in the size of 5, not OH COME ON THIS TABLE IS HUGE we can fit more than 6. It’s 6 or less people.

Q: Do babies count for seating?
A: They are people so yes.

Q: My gaming group is 7 people though! I’m stricken with anger at this.
A: Use Discord or roll 20 to bring one person in. And just make the person who spends the entire time looking at their phone stay at home. That way it’s not like you’re missing someone.

Q: Seriously 6 people.
A: Yes.

Q: Are there table times now?
A: So far we haven’t had to use them. But if we do we will warn people about it.

Q: Where are the games?
A: We have a self checkout system located at the far north side of the building. Please return all games to the counter.

Q: Are you still doing takeout and delivery?
A: Yes, and possibly till the end of the year

Q: I’m worried about it being busy and too many people.
A: Come in on a Tuesday, no one likes Tuesday.

Q: Seriously though what about Karaoke?
A: Phase 4 🙁 We’re sad too we may never see it again. Trust me we’re all mad.

Q: I found a typo in the FAQ
A: Thanks, I will fix it when I have time