How it is for us right now.

Right now AFK has been suffering under the pandemic restrictions. We’ve always thrived off our large parties, karaoke, game events, and being a social gathering place. During the shutdown we lost 85% of our income. In phase 2 we have limped along running on just 20% of of our pee-pandemic numbers and with the 10pm liquor restrictions that has fallen further.

What you can do.

People have been asking on social media what they can do. Aside from coming in and joining us while we’re open you can also order take-out and delivery. Due to many people asking we’ve also set up a paypal donation area where you can donate for some extra help.

The new 10pm restrictions have hit us pretty hard we’ve always been a late night place with lots of our customers being service and front-line workers. So it’s hard for many of them to get off early to come day drink. But project Day Drink Deck is being run by regulars to have an enjoyable outside social experience while day drinking…we know it feels weird to day drink around day-humans in the daylight…but try it out? If that’s not your thing we have lots of to-go options still.