Something Turkey THIS WAY COMES!

One of the first iconic items we ever had on a warrior night was a big chonk’n turkey leg. It was rammed into a pile of mashed potatoes and thus the legend of Turkalibur was born. It had many loyal followers of the Turkeyblade through the years. This Saturday we bring in back the most popular versions of this birdclub in their honor.

Saturday actual items (Updated Sep 19th)

Put a Turkalibur on it!

Add a turkey leg as a side to any dish! Getting a Burger? Put a Turkalibur on it! +9.99

Wyvern Wing

Look I know the (very) obvious one for years was: “call them dragon wings afk human!” but have you seen a Wyvern? I mean those look like they got some WINGS yo. Anyway one Turkalibur drenched in our house mild wing sauce or the “pretty spicy” sauce and served with ranch and fries. +12.99





Due to closing at 10 now. We have forced the night drinkers into the day. Many vampires have burned already in the noble pursuit of day drinking. ☀️🍸🧛🔥🔥🔥

This is new regulation pushed on us for phase 2 that we honestly understand where it’s coming from but think is totally wrong. AFK has always been a late night place with over 1/3 of our business taking place after 10pm  so this will be quite damaging as a whole to the company. Most of our past 10pm people are just getting off work, or stopping by on their way home. So we’re asking those who can, come day drink with us and help support due to most of our late night crew being unable to.